[Barrelfish-users] [Barrelfish] Kernel panic using qemu

Simon Peter speter at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Jun 22 09:25:00 CEST 2011

> I get the following error message using qemu v0.10.5, GCC v4.3.5,  and GHCv6.10.4  and ld v2.

I would suggest to upgrade your toolchain. If you had to modify 
Barrelfish to make it work then you might've hit a corner case that we 
didn't check for. GCC 4.3 is not supported anymore in our current 
development tree.

> elf_relocate: relocation 76 type 6011040
> kernel 0 PANIC! kernel assertion "!"Unimplemented: Cannot handle relocation type"" failed at ../lib/elf/elf64.c:218

This means you've hit an ELF relocation that the loader cannot handle. 
The type looks especially suspicious to me. It looks like your binary is 

You can use objdump -R to display the relocation table. Compare the 
listed relocation types with those handled in elf64_relocate().

> I had to remove the parameter "-Wno-packed-bitfield-compat" from hake/X86_64.hs as this is not supported
> by GCC v4.3.5. Could this be causing the issue I'm seeing above? The readme does say that my version of GCC
> is supported.

-Wno-packed-bitfield-compat only toggles a warning and shouldn't be the 
cause for your problem.

> I also had to remove the "--build-id=none" flag from tools/elver/Hakefile as my version of ld does not
> support it. But this seems to only add extra debugging info so I assume that's harmless.

As long as your ld doesn't actually generate a build id, it's harmless. 
If it does, it could actually cause you trouble. You can check whether 
you have a .note.gnu.build-id (or similar) section in your binaries.

Hope this helps,

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