[Barrelfish-users] error running barrelfish on QEMU

Abhishek Kulkarni adkulkar at indiana.edu
Fri May 20 04:34:30 CEST 2011


I am trying the latest release: 2011-03-01, build: x86_32 in QEMU: ver
0.14.0, but run into the following error:

ERROR: pci.0 in AcpiOsInstallInterruptHandler()
ERROR: failed to route interrupt
Failure: (            pci) Unknown global system interrupt number
ACPI Exception: AE_ERROR, Unable to install System Control Interrupt handler
pci_service: AcpiEnableSubsystem failed
Assertion failed on core 0 in pci: r == 0, function init_acpi, file
../usr/pci/acpi.c, line 728.

Can someone help me figure out what's wrong? I have attached the complete
log with PCI and ACPI debug flags turned on.

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