[Barrelfish-users] Boot barrelfish on the SCC board

임제헌 jehunlim at gmail.com
Tue May 24 10:14:08 CEST 2011

I am trying to boot Barrelfish OS on the SCC board.

I found the document that helps this process. I attached this document
to the mail.

*** I built Barrelfish and created the file bigimage.dat from an
enhanced GRUB menu.lst file, using the dite image generation tool.

I think it fulfills the #1 problem of the document.

*** Now I am trying to convert this binary image, bigimage.dat into
Intel 32.obj binary format (#2. problem of the document).

First I downloaded the bin2obj tool from SCC repository and executed
but several errors occurred like this:

    Converting file >boot_params.bin< to .32.obj format at origin
0x00024000 (0x00090000) ... done with 512 Bytes.
    Datafile >bzImage.setup< could not be opened, not writing data for this file
    Converting file >commandline.bin< to .32.obj format at origin
0x00026400 (0x00099000) ... done with 65 Bytes.
    Datafile >bzImage.bin< could not be opened, not writing data for this file
    Datafile >reset_vector.bin< could not be opened, not writing data
for this file
    Total conversion: 577 Bytes

These errors occurred because the necessary files, bzImage.setup,
bzImage.bin, rest_vector.bin did not exist in the bin2obj folder?

If then, how can I get these files?

*** I have one more question. The usage of the command sccMerge is

    sccMerge [options] <name>.mt
    sccMerge [options] <name>.asm
    sccMerge [options] <name>.obj

>From the document, I should use the file, barrelfish48.mt. The file is
composed of 48 lines as follows:
    0x00 0x00 6 0x00 barrelfish0.obj

I know that the <name>.mt file contains the PID and the testcase in each line.

What is the the function of the testcase, namely barrelfish0.obj?
Is it a program that will be executed in Barrelfish or the 32.obj
image created by bin2obj tool?

Please give me some detailed explanations.

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