[Barrelfish-users] Need help in running barrelfish on SCC

Simon Peter speter at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Nov 15 10:56:54 CET 2011

Hi Jain,

On 15.11.2011 08:10, Vaibhav Jain wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to run barrelfish on SCC but I need clarity regarding a few
> things.
> I have compiled barrelfish successfully and I have the barrelfish48.mt
> <http://barrelfish48.mt> file and the obj file created.
> I need to know the following :
> 1. After booting barrelfish on one SCC core (core 0) how should I boot
> it on other cores.
> Do I have to reset all the cores (just like core 0) that I want
> barrelfish to be booted ?. From the document :
> http://www.barrelfish.org/TN-005-SCC.pdf
> Section 2.5 it seems that core 0 should boot other cores.

That's correct. Core 0 will boot the other cores. If you're using the 
bootscc.sh script to start Barrelfish, everything should be set and you 
can boot additional cores just like on other architectures, by 
appending, for example, bootscc=1-5 to the spawnd line in the 
menu.lst.scc file, to boot cores 1 to 5 in addition to core 0.

> 2. How do I confirm that barrelfish has actually booted on all the cores
> that I want it to be booted ?

The cores will report that they are up.

> 3. I intend to run a simple hello world program on barrelfish running on
> SCC. What changes need to be made to the steps
> mentioned in the doc http://wiki.barrelfish.org/Programming_for_Barrelfish.

Make sure you're compiling for scc, not x86_64 (i.e. change the hake.sh 
line). The file for SCC is called menu.lst.scc, not menu.lst. Then you 
type 'make scc' instead of 'make sim'.

> 4. Is there any other document that provides details on running programs
> on barrelfish ?

Unfortunately, not really. There are example programs in the 
usr/examples directory though with README files that explain how to run 

Hope this helps,

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