[Barrelfish-users] Need help in running barrelfish on SCC

Simon Peter speter at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Nov 22 22:44:33 CET 2011

> I commented out the line for watchall.sh in bootscc.sh and it ran
> successfully with the following output :
> However it shows that only one core's reset is released and there is no
> message of other cores getting booted even though I made entries in
> menu.scc.lst for five cores. Is this because of commenting out watchall.sh ?


> Is there a way to verify now that the cores are actually running
> barrelfish ?

Not really. I guess one other way to find out would be to fire up the 
SCC GUI and see if the other 4 cores are also up. You'd really need to 
see the UART output to be sure, though.


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