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Hi Gottfried,

I'll be putting the slides online really soon now, on the Barrelfish wiki.  Sorry for the delay - I had another trip straight after the workshop.


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Away from the down mentioned project for ARM is there any other information available in the public domain about the latest workshop
in Cambridge similar to the 2010 one (http://wiki.barrelfish.org/BarcelonaWorkshop2010)

Thanks for any feedback



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Today's Topics:

  1. Barrelfish on ARM GEM5 (Tim Harris (RESEARCH))


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Following up on some discussion from last week's workshop...

We've been trying to understand what's needed to get Barrelfish up on ARM on the GEM5 simulator.

My previous work on GEM5 has all been x86-based (http://wiki.barrelfish.org/Running_on_gem5).

I guess a few initial questions are:

-          What ARM architectures does Barrelfish support at the moment?  I remember Orion's original work, and I think some folk at ETHZ were looking at Netronome hardware... but I don't recall the details.  Is there a write-up somewhere online, or a particular existing h/w platform or simulator configuration that we can start from?

-          Whether the devices modelled by ARM GEM5 match up with those expected by Barrelfish.  There may well be work to do on one or both sides of the system.



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