[Barrelfish-users] Building X86_64 problem

Borislav Nikolic borni at isep.ipp.pt
Fri Sep 2 15:13:27 CEST 2011

Hi Simon!

Thanks for the patch, you were right! I confirm that applying the patch on 
usr/fish/Hakefile (extending flounderExtraBindings) solved the problem and I 
assume that I booted the Barrelfish correctly. It produced the following 
No bootscript
fish v0.2 -- pleased to meet you!

I also assume that I managed to successfully boot the Barrelfish on gem5 
X86_FS with "opt" build. However, the output produced was slightly different 
and I couldn't use the shell commands, like I was in aforementioned boot 
(qemu). Produced output is:
No bootscript
hellotest.1: Hello world (debug_printf)
Hello world (normal printf)

Kind regards,
Borislav Nikolic

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From: Simon Peter
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Subject: Re: [Barrelfish-users] Building X86_64 problem

I think you've hit a dependency bug. I attached a patch that will
hopefully fix it for you. Please tell me if it doesn't.


On 01.09.2011 17:24, borni at isep.ipp.pt wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> My name is Borislav and I am a PhD student. I am trying to run the
> Barrelfish on the following setup:
> Ubuntu 11.4 64-bit
> gcc 4.5.2
> gnu binutils 2.21
> ghc 6.12.3
> Hake command completes regularly, but when I do "make", I get the
> following error:
> Generating x86_64/usr/fish/_for_app_fish/fish.o.depend
> ../usr/fish/fish.c:35:35: fatal error: if/mem_rpcclient_defs.h: No such
> file or directory
> compilation terminated.
> make: *** [x86_64/usr/fish/_for_app_fish/fish.o.depend] Error 1
> As I have seen while browsing the archive, the problems with building
> fish are related to ghc 6.12.1, so I double checked my version but it
> is, as written 6.12.3.
> Any ideas what might be wrong?
> Thanks in advance,
> Borislav Nikolic
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