[Barrelfish-users] M5 bi-directional serial console

Georgios Varisteas yorgos at kth.se
Tue Sep 13 18:38:06 CEST 2011

Hi Tim,

I saw that menu.lst.m5 is quite slim and amended it accordingly. I even tried the full blown version (fish/serial/skb/pci/no bootapic), In all cases everything seems to run smoothly and m5 is not complaining. I just do not get the terminal.

Running my simulations from the menu.lst is obviously possible but extremely slow. In all my runs it takes up to 10' (!) in order for barrelfish to boot. When it is a matter of arguments this is no problem as I can have consecutive runs in menu.lst. But for actually debugging the code it becomes very frustrating.

>From what I saw in the m5 tutorials, checkpoints can only be created from inside the OS' terminal. I tried looking into the interactive console but got really lost.

Any hints will be quite helpful.



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I've never tried this... I don't think that the menu.lst.m5 file starts the serial domain, and I guess that Fish relies on this for bi-directional use?

I tried to slim down menu.lst.m5 as far as possible because (i) running things on the simulated machine is slow, and (ii) interactions with different devices were the usual place where I ran into differences between how barreflish exercises the devices, and how M5 models them.  (e.g., I never looked at the PCI domain at all).

I've normally run experiments directly from menu.lst.m5 -- is that possible for you?


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Is there a way to get a bi-directional serial terminal in m5 for barrelfish?

I've tried telnet, m5term and socat to no avail. I do get all output but can't find a way to input commands. Specifically, I do not even see the shell, although fish and all other necessary modules are spawned normally.

Thanks in advance,
Georgios Varisteas
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