[Barrelfish-users] Bug in malloc()/free() ?

Zeus Gómez Marmolejo zeus.gomez at bsc.es
Wed Sep 21 15:13:33 CEST 2011


Here I introduce you a pretty simple program:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
  void *p;
  int i;

  for(i=0; ;i++)
      p = malloc(65536);
      if (p==NULL)
        USER_PANIC("malloc() returned NULL at %d", i);
      free (p);

  return 0;

This is ALWAYS aborting as:

ERROR: myapp.0 in morecore_alloc()
ERROR: vspace_mmu_aware_map fail
Failure: (  libbarrelfish) Out of space in vspace_mmu_aware_map() function
myapp.0 in main() ../barrelfish/usr/tests/myapp/myapp.c:12
malloc() returned NULL at 16382

With the latest Barrelfish tree. Are you aware of this?

Zeus Gómez Marmolejo
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
PhD student
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