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It's possible record the session for all the users are living so far?

Best regards

  Guillem Perez

On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 10:44 PM, Timothy Roscoe <troscoe at inf.ethz.ch>wrote:

> Dear Barrelfish users,
> We're holding a Barrelfish workshop in Cambridge, UK on Thursday,
> October 20th and Friday Oct 21st.  The aim is to talk about the
> research we've done over the last year - projects like the use
> of Barrelfish on the Intel SCC, the use of the SKB for PCI device
> configuration, and the THC language and runtime system for
> asynchronous programming.  It will also be a chance to compare notes
> about current research in an informal setting, and also discuss the
> right OS development priorities to support the research.
> We'd love to hear from other people that are using Barrelfish.  Space
> is a bit limited, so the workshop is by invitation only.
> However, we'll try and fit as many extra people in as we can on a
> first-come, first-served basis.  If you'd like to attend, please let
> us know by sending an email to barrelfish-workshop at microsoft.com.
> The workshop will run all day on the Thursday, includes dinner on the
> Thursday evening, and will finish at lunchtime on Friday.  There's no
> registration charge, but attendees will have to pay for their own
> travel and accommodation in Cambridge.
> Best regards,
>  Tim Harris (Microsoft Research Cambridge)
>  TImothy Roscoe (ETH Zurich)
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