[Barrelfish-users] Problems when booting Barrelfish on SCC

Laurențiu Dascălu laurentiu.dascalu at epfl.ch
Sun Apr 22 12:31:05 CEST 2012

On 04/22/2012 03:18 AM, Shi Jinghao (史经浩) wrote:
> Monitor 1: booting scc core 0 as '/scc/sbin/cpu'
> kernel 1: Allocating RAM at 0x84020000 uninitialized
> kernel 1 PANIC! kernel assertion "rck_get_coreid() == 0" failed at
> ../kernel/arch/scc/rck.c:876
> kernel 1: exception 3 (error code 0x0): breakpoint
> On behalf of: monitor
> Faulting instruction pointer (or following instruction): 0x8010a7bf (0x
> 10a7bf in binary)


I don't have experience with Barrelfish, but after looking here[0], it 
seems that Barrelfish doesn't boot on another CPU than the first one 
(cpuid == 0):

875    // XXX: Only works from core 0 for now
876    assert(rck_get_coreid() == 0);

I think that your boot processor is not core 0 and that's why it 
crashes. I guess that you can remove this assert and then see what 
happens (i.e. make the OS boot).

[0] http://www.lingrok.org/xref/barrelfish/kernel/arch/scc/rck.c

Laurențiu Dascălu

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