[Barrelfish-users] Problems booting Barrelfish on Qemu

Samuel Hitz samuel.hitz at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 11:07:41 CET 2012

Hi there,

I have a hard time booting Barrelfish on Qemu. I built Barrelfish according
to the instructions in the 'Getting Started' Guide for x86_64, which worked
fine. However when I try to boot Barrelfish on Qemu using 'make sim', I get
stuck in a boot loop. This is the output of Qemu which repeats the whole

root (nd)
  Booting 'Barrelfish'

root (nd)
 Filesystem type is tftp, using whole disk
kernel /x86_64/sbin/elver loglevel=4
   [Multiboot-elf, <0x100000:0x257c:0x0>, <0x10357c:0x1c:0x6a68>,
8, entry=0x10000c]
module /x86_64/sbin/cpu loglevel=4
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x115000, 0xcafd8 bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/init
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x1e0000, 0x3e6043 bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/mem_serv
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x5c7000, 0x3a5770 bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/monitor
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x96d000, 0x58d7af bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/chips boot
   [Multiboot-module @ 0xefb000, 0x39eeeb bytes]
module  /x86_64/sbin/ramfsd boot
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x129a000, 0x43c76a bytes]
module  /x86_64/sbin/skb boot
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x16d7000, 0x95a500 bytes]
modulenounzip /skb_ramfs.cpio.gz nospawn
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x2032000, 0x9d9ea bytes]
module  /x86_64/sbin/pci boot
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x20d0000, 0x620f9d bytes]
module  /x86_64/sbin/spawnd boot
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x26f1000, 0x67e9b4 bytes]
module  /x86_64/sbin/startd boot
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x2d70000, 0x62cd6c bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/routing_setup boot
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x339d000, 0x3b01a5 bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/ahcid
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x374e000, 0x466edb bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/serial
   [Multiboot-module @ 0x3bb5000, 0x3f03bb bytes]
module /x86_64/sbin/fish

Has someone encountered this problem as well and could help me, narrow it


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