[Barrelfish-users] Better support for System V shared memory

Zeus Gómez Marmolejo zeus.gomez at bsc.es
Thu Feb 23 17:12:55 CET 2012

Hi all,

I've been working lately with System V shared memory and I've added few

First, I added the functionality to remove a key from the hash store in
chips (patch 0001). There was only possible to add and get a key. With
this, I've changed a bit the System V shared memory support in
lib/posixcompat/shm.c implementing the IPC_RMID case for shmctl() (patch
0002). This is necessary if you want to reuse a previously used key, in
this case it is removed from the store. The shared memory can still be
attached (but not linked to any id). I've modified a bit the attach and
detach methods for that.

See the attached patches.

Many thanks for your help,

Zeus Gómez Marmolejo
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
PhD student
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