[Barrelfish-users] updates in the tree

Kornilios Kourtis kkourt at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 30 18:03:56 CET 2012

Hi all,

We pushed some changes to the tree this morning. It has been some time
since the last push, so there is a fair amount of changes (253 changesets
with 1313 changes to 514 files). Our plan is to make more frequent
releases in the future.

The changes include:
 - removal of beehive architecture support

 - A new bulk transport for the network stack
   (see doc/014-bulk-transfer for more details)

 - a new AHCI driver from Manuel Stocker, Mark Nevill, and Simon Gerber
   (see doc/015-disk-driver-arch for more details)

 - Support for socket inheritance

 - Mackerel updates/bugfixes

 - several improvements for enabling multihop support

 - various improvements/enhancements/bugfixes


Kornilios Kourtis

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