[Barrelfish-users] How to use Mackerel?

Baumann Andrew andrewb at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Jul 3 23:38:45 CEST 2012


In general, you should only need to run hake after changing a Hakefile, or the Hake configuration file.

Mackerel can be invoked through make, or completely manually. E.g.:

$ make x86_64/include/dev/e1000_dev.h
make: `x86_64/include/dev/e1000_dev.h' is up to date.

$ grep 'mackerel.*e1000.dev' Makefile
./x86_64/include/dev/e1000_dev.h: ./tools/bin/mackerel /home/baumann/src/barrelfish/devices/e1000.dev ./x86_64/include/dev/.marker
        ./tools/bin/mackerel --bitfield-driver -c /home/baumann/src/barrelfish/devices/e1000.dev -o ./x86_64/include/dev/e1000_dev.h

So you would run " tools/bin/mackerel --bitfield-driver -c <dev file> -o <output file>"


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Hey guys,

is there a way to change and compile a dev-file without doing a complete 
hake? We tried to manually call mackerel on a dev file, but somehow we 
ended up with something that didn't match the .h-file that is produced 
by hake. Any ideas or instructions?


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