[Barrelfish-users] Undefined address space 'pageX'

Patrik Eklöf peklof at kth.se
Thu Jul 5 18:44:55 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I'm told the AM79C973 NIC worked with BF before (well, just adding it in and using the RTL driver doesn't work in the latest anyway), so I'm trying to "hack" BF to work with it again by changing the rtl8029as.dev file.
(Scream at me if I'm doing this the wrong way :p)

Anyway, I have a diff from a bf version from 2010 which I'm trying to patch in.
Now, I am not so versed in Mackarel, so I'm trying to understand how this works.

I have these lines here in the diff file:

-  regarray par rw page1( 0x1 )[6] "Physical Address" type(uint8);
+  register par0 rw also io ( base, 0x1 ) "Physical Address Field 0" type(uint8);
+  register par1 rw also io ( base, 0x2 ) "Physical Address Field 1" type(uint8);
+  register par2 rw also io ( base, 0x3 ) "Physical Address Field 2" type(uint8);
+  register par3 rw also io ( base, 0x4 ) "Physical Address Field 3" type(uint8);
+  register par4 rw also io ( base, 0x5 ) "Physical Address Field 4" type(uint8);
+  register par5 rw also io ( base, 0x6 ) "Physical Address Field 5" type(uint8);

Since the current drive seems to work with arrays, I added back the first line with par1 since they seem to be based on the same address and equal number of bytes.
But when I compile this, I get

../source/devices/rtl8029as.dev:276:12: Undefined address space 'page1'

I can see a line

-  space page1(addr) bytewise "NE2000 compatible page 1";

at the beginning of the files (that's removed), but is this really necessary? Am I not understanding what a page is? Can someone explain, or elaborate a little perhaps, on how these retrofit these changes or how pages and arrays work?


Patrik Eklöf
Student at ICT, Master of Science in Engineering Education, IT Programme, KTH, Kista
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