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Matt Horsnell Matt.Horsnell at arm.com
Fri Nov 9 15:44:59 CET 2012

Hi Kournilios,

I think Zeus, currently interning with us at ARM, will follow up with a more informed email detailing some of the issues we've identified in trying to get the barrelfish tip running on the gem5 tip.

My personal input would be to try and persuade you to settle on supporting the Versatile Express EMM platform as the basis for the gem5 port. This is the default platform ARM is currently supporting through our efforts with gem5 and it is likely to remain the most stable going forward. As a reference point this will also give you the ability to make comparisons directly to Linux/Android (those kernels being actively maintained by ARM and Linaro for EMM).

In terms of actual hardware that is a political decision best left to the community. I know you guys are already using the Pandaboards and that there are a number of other relatively cheap platforms available (Samsung's Arndale board being a recent example). A good guide explaining how you would go about porting the OS to another board would probably be more useful than supporting more than one board.

As mentioned in the past, I am happy to help/facilitate/support where I can,

// Matt

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> Subject: [Barrelfish-users] ARM support in barrelfish
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> Hi all,
> Although barrelfish ARM support has improved with the addition of new
> architectures (ARMv7) and platforms (arm_gem5, pandaboard), the code is
> not in the best possible state (to put it mildly :-). We are currently
> thinking about what ARM support barrelfish should provide, how to clean
> up the code, and how to make it easier for people with ARM hardware to
> use and extend barrelfish. 
> We are aware --mostly via messages on the list-- of several projects that
> use barrelfish on ARM, but we would like to get a more comprehensive view
> of what people are doing (or plan to do), so that we can make more
> informed decisions, and possibly collaborate on improving ARM support in
> barrelfish. So, if you are using barrelfish on an ARM architecture please
> let us know what hardware you are using, what are your plans, etc.
> Needless to say, any help on improving ARM support would be more than
> welcome.
> cheers,
> Kornilios.
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> Kornilios Kourtis
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