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Andrew Baumann Andrew.Baumann at microsoft.com
Mon Nov 19 19:38:08 CET 2012

Hi Robert,

Barrelfish uses:
* one stack for the kernel (on each core), statically allocated
 * one stack for each user thread
   - usually this is allocated from the heap, however there is one special thread used at bootstrap time whose stack is statically allocated (look for "staticthread" in threads.c)
 * two stacks for the dispatcher, allocated in the dispatcher structure, and used only while the dispatcher is disabled
  - one for handling traps and disabled page faults
  - one for handling all other upcalls

It looks like ARM's crt0 allocates another stack statically. This should be harmless, but it's not immediately obvious to me why it's necessary -- usually the start of day crt0 code runs on the dispatcher stack while it is disabled.

Hope this helps,

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working on the port for the TilePro64 I am encountering a question:
How many different stacks are there in Barrelfish?
At the moment I have one initial stack used from the initial code, some 
extra stack, which is/will be used by the interrupts and a stack for 
every process / dispatcher.

I can't find a real pattern about all the stack-initializations. For 
example in the crt0.S for arm there is a stack defined with
         .space  8192

which seems to be special, but I don't understand to which component it 
belongs and how long it will live.


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