[Barrelfish-users] about port barrelfish on tilera platform

Robert Radkiewicz rrad at kth.se
Tue Nov 20 19:30:05 CET 2012

Hello Jintang,

we are using the hypervisor for porting. It is intended to port an 
operating system ontop of it and in general it is better documented how 
to do things with the hypervisor than without. So we are using the 
hv_xxx APIs.

For porting the newlib, we used the one in barrelfish as stand and from 
the Tilera MDE newlib we added the "machine/tile" folder and merged the 
"include/machine/setjmp.h". Later replaced some other file with the one 
from tilera, but I don't see any difference with before. Printing out 
64-bit variables doesn't work at the moment, but printing them in 32-bit 
chunks does. We don't have any plans to go further into the newlib.


On 20.11.2012 02:57, Wangjintang wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> 	As you know, tilera provide the MDE env, and the hypervisor in it.
> What are you dealing with the hypervisor in the MDE? Using it or put it away?
> Do you port os on the top of hypervisor? There support some hv_xxx APIs can
> be used to realize what you want to do .
> 	BTW: Do you finish port newlib to support tilera platform?
> Regards,
> jintang

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