[Barrelfish-users] How to deal with file I/O on SCC

Shi Jinghao jhshi at cs.hku.hk
Mon Nov 26 12:22:14 CET 2012


I'm porting a benchmark program to Barrelfish (SCC). This program needs to
read input from a file. But I didn't find any file I/O interface from the
Barrelfish doc or from the source code. Any ideas on this?

Currently, I first format the input file and then include it within a
static array declaration. The expanded array size will be about 20M. The
following compile error occurs:

/usr/bin/ld: section .data.rel.ro loaded at
[0000000000600000,0000000000600723] overlaps section .rodata loaded at

And from the command line, I found these options:

-Wl,-section-start,.text=0x300000 -Wl,-section-start,.data.rel.ro=0x600000

Does it mean that the text section must fit in [0x300000, 0x600000]? I
tried to move the data.rel.ro section to some other address like 0x6000000,
but the program just halts. If Barrelfish (scc) doesn't not support file
system at the moment, is it possible that I tweak these parameters and get
the giant array fits ?

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