[Barrelfish-users] new code release

Kornilios Kourtis kornilios.kourtis at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Oct 4 09:49:19 CEST 2012

Hi all,

Since it was a long time since our last release, we decided to push our
current tree to hg.barrelfish.org. There 120 new changesets, and most of
the work involves improving ARM (both v5 and v7) support. Indeed,
Barrelfish can now boot on the PandaBoard [1]. A noticeable change is a
new kernel/Hakefile that makes it easier to support different CPU
platforms of the same core architecture. For example, targets "arm_gem5"
and "omap44xx" (pandaboard) are all ARMv7. A caveat of the current code,
however, is a bug that prevents booting armv5 on qemu. We hope to fix
this in the near future.

[1] see: http://wiki.barrelfish.org/PandaBoard for instructions

For the barrelfish team,

Kornilios Kourtis

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