[Barrelfish-users] New version of glibc?

Robert Radkiewicz rrad at kth.se
Thu Oct 18 18:06:09 CEST 2012


I am working on porting Barrelfish on the TilePro64 architecture and 
have a problem now with the libc.

Tilera has an own distribution of the glibc, containing the 
tilera-specific header files. These files are also included in the 
latest release (2.16) of the official glibc distribution from gnu.org. 
Additionally they have an own distribution of the newlib.

Initially I wasn't able to just use one of the distributions, because 
some redefinitions happened, so I copied some of the newlib files (the 
ones with the right #ifdefs) into the barrelfish release, but no I have 
some subtile bugs, occuring through mixed version. I now found out the 
newlib release from Tilera seems to base on a version of 2004, so some 
of the inner interface are changed.

So I am back on trying to use a whole release including the Tilera 
files. Since the newlib files are old, I think using the glibc is the 
better option here. Can someone give me some directions, what the steps 
to include a new version of glibc are or describe the way you used to 
start with them initially?


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