[Barrelfish-users] Contributing To Barrelfish Project

Shagun Sodhani sshagun.sodhani at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 10:28:17 CET 2013

Hi everyone. We are second year undergraduate students (Computer science
and Engineering <http://www.iitr.ac.in/departments/ECE/pages/index.html>)
from IIT Roorkee <http://www.iitr.ac.in/>. Our names are Sanket
Mehta<svmehta23620 at gmail.com>
, Shagun Sodhani <sshagunsodhani at gmail.com> and Vishu
Goyal<vishugoyal986 at gmail.com> (we
are batch-mates). We came to know about Barrelfish some days ago.The idea
caught our attention. We wanted to learn more about this and started on our
own by reading the technical notes, going through the code and reading some
other articles and papers published on the subject. Now that we have a
basic idea about what this is all about, we would like to learn more about
it and maybe in someway contribute to its development as well. We would
appreciate if anyone can provide us some guidance regarding
what possibilities are there for us to work on this and learn more about
this operating system. Just for your information, we have good knowledge of
system software. and are currently pursuing a course in computer
architecture too.

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