[Barrelfish-users] Assertion failure on mapping large frame

Chothia Zaheer zchothia at student.ethz.ch
Mon Feb 11 10:03:04 CET 2013

Thank you Robert.  Your suggestion was helpful and the mapping now succeeds.



From: Robert Radkiewicz [mailto:rrad at kth.se] 
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Subject: Re: [Barrelfish-users] Assertion failure on mapping large frame


without testing your code, I guess increasing the size of the mapping metadata could help.
In pmap_target.c:37:


On 08.02.2013 22:18, Chothia Zaheer wrote: 

SharedDB requires large chunks of memory to store its data [*]. I ran into
problems allocating 1 GB with malloc() and switched to frame_alloc(). That
initially seemed to solve the issue, but unfortunately also fails. Allocating
an 8 GB frame succeeds, but mapping it fails:

  [BEFORE] System memory: free: 135958609920 bytes, total: 137277911040 bytes
  Allocated frame of 8589934592 bytes.
  assertion "pmap->vregion_offset < vregion_get_base_addr(&pmap->vregion) + vregion_get_size(&pmap->vregion)" failed: file "../lib/barrelfish/target/x86_64/pmap_target.c", line 319, function: refill_slabs

Attached is a minimal example which demonstrates the problem. Any ideas?



[*] When running TPC-W on Linux, tcmalloc reports total memory usage as 10.2 GB.
    On IRC I mentioned a figure of 2.7 GB, but that appears incorrect as Massif
    doesn't seem to have accounted for everything.


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