[Barrelfish-users] skb problems booting on x86_32: can't find Eclipse?

Malte Schwarzkopf malte.schwarzkopf at cl.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jul 23 22:27:14 CEST 2013

Hi all,

In order to find machines that work with Barrelfish, I've set up both
x86_64 and x86_32 versions of Barrelfish on our test machine netboot
setup here in Cambridge.

Since most of the idle machines I could test are old 32-bit ones, I've
got more samples for this than for x86_64, but unfortunately no better
luck getting things to boot. However, the error message I receive on one
of the x86_32 machines is quite curious:

Kernel starting at address 0x80100000
Barrelfish CPU driver starting on x86_32 core 0
kernel 0: Measured 99484219 APIC timer counts in one RTC second, 170893
data points.
kernel 0: Measured 2387710 TSC counts per ms, 99 data points. Average
jitter 3 TSC ticks.
spawn module: x86_32/sbin/init
init: invoked as: init 2097152
Spawning memory server (x86_32/sbin/mem_serv)...
Spawning monitor (x86_32/sbin/monitor)...
monitor: invoked as: x86_32/sbin/monitor 327680
RAM allocator initialised, 1947 MB (of 1963 MB) available
Spawning ramfsd on core 0
ramfsd.0: pre-populating from boot image...
ramfsd.0: ready
Spawning skb on core 0
Aborting: Can't find boot file! Please check either
a) your program's setting for eclipsedir in ec_set_option(), or
b) your setting for ECLIPSEDIR environment variable.
 in ec_init()

I've tried booting without the SKB active by passing
"bootapic-x86_32=..." to spawnd, but this makes no difference as the
bootup fails before I even get to that module.

When using x86_64, this bit works fine (though later bits fail in ways I
do not yet understand, and sometimes without error message).

Any ideas? (My menu.list is included below for reference; presumably
using full absolute paths to the files on the TFTP server does not cause
a problem?).


-------->8--------------- menu.lst -------->8---------------

timeout 0

# spawnd is used to control which cpus are booted
# "spawnd boot" will use the skb and pci to figure out and
#  boot all cores in the machine
# "spawnd boot bootapic-x86_32=1-5" will not use the skb and
# boot the list of cores passed as argument.
# The APIC id of the cores to boot should be specified.
# This list may not include the bsp core id.

title   Barrelfish
root    (nd)
kernel  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/cpu loglevel=4
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/cpu loglevel=4
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/init

# Domains spawned by init
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/mem_serv
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/monitor

# Special boot time domains spawned by monitor
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/ramfsd boot
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/skb boot
modulenounzip /skb_ramfs.cpio.gz nospawn
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/kaluga boot
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/acpi boot
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/spawnd boot
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/startd boot
module /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/routing_setup boot

module /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/pci auto

# General user domains
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/serial
module  /usr/groups/srgboot/ms705/barrelfish/x86_32/sbin/fish

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