[Barrelfish-users] Boot Barelfish on SCC with uncontinuous core sequence

Zhiquan Lai laizhiquan at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 15:31:07 CEST 2013

Dear All,

I am trying to boot Barrelfish on SCC with an uncontinuous core sequence,
e.g. just two cores, core0 and core4.
However, the booting process stoped before the user application defined in
the menu.lst.scc. If the core sequence is continuous, the booting process
is fine.

Is there anyone tried this before?
And does Barrelfish support to boot on an uncontinuous core sequence?

*The output of booting up:*

1370610086.744220451 [tty0] My APIC ID: 0
1370610086.745230278 [tty0] Barrelfish CPU driver starting on scc core 0
1370610086.972962305 [tty0] init: invoked as: init 2097152
1370610087.280146855 [tty0] Spawning memory server (scc/sbin/mem_serv)...
1370610087.406961746 [tty0] Spawning monitor (scc/sbin/monitor)...
1370610087.630416482 [tty0] starting monitor as 'scc/sbin/monitor 327680 '
1370610087.638769366 [tty0] monitor: invoked as: scc/sbin/monitor 327680
1370610087.663370722 [tty0] RAM allocator initialised, 1994 MB (of 2010 MB)
1370610087.666355828 [tty0] Spawning ramfsd on core 0
1370610087.871187598 [tty0] ramfsd.0: pre-populating from boot image...
1370610088.695696508 [tty0] ramfsd.0: ready
1370610088.696654655 [tty0] Spawning skb on core 0
1370610088.860933304 [tty0] Spawning /scc/sbin/spawnd on core 0
1370610089.054823325 [tty0] Spawning /scc/sbin/startd on core 0
1370610089.256619624 [tty0] skb.0: waiting for: all_spawnds_up
1370610089.267317711 [tty0] spawnd.0: coreid 0 is arch id 0
1370610089.268328279 [tty0] spawnd.0: coreid 1 is arch id 4
1370610089.269286138 [tty0] Monitor 0: booting scc core 1 as '/scc/sbin/cpu'
1370610089.758488274 [tty4] Kernel starting at address 0x80100000
1370610090.037761764 [tty4] My APIC ID: 4
1370610090.038739931 [tty4] Barrelfish CPU driver starting on scc core 4
1370610090.275835695 [tty4] init: invoked as: init 2097152 0 chanid=0
1370610090.595221904 [tty4] Spawning memory server (scc/sbin/mem_serv)...
1370610090.726358263 [tty4] Spawning monitor (scc/sbin/monitor)...
1370610090.958056688 [tty4] starting monitor as 'scc/sbin/monitor 327680 0
chanid=0 frame=2214723584 '
1370610090.967141757 [tty4] monitor: invoked as: scc/sbin/monitor 327680 0
chanid=0 frame=2214723584
1370610090.992616617 [tty4] RAM allocator initialised, 1994 MB (of 2010 MB)
1370610090.994719546 [tty4] frame base at 0x84020000 -- 0x84021000
1370610090.996330709 [tty4] URPC physical frame at 0x84020000
1370610091.009610876 [tty4] Spawning spawnd on core 4
1370610091.202585314 [tty0] all 2 monitors up
1370610091.203579854 [tty0] skb.0: waiting for: spawn.1.ready
1370610091.215431869 [tty0] skb.0: waiting for: all_spawnds_up

The next step in normal process is* starting app /scc/sbin/test on core 0*

*The menu.lst.scc is:*

timeout 0

title   Barrelfish
root    (nd)
kernel  /scc/sbin/cpu loglevel=4
module  /scc/sbin/cpu
module  /scc/sbin/init

# Domains spawned by init
module  /scc/sbin/mem_serv
module  /scc/sbin/monitor

module  /scc/sbin/ramfsd boot
module  /scc/sbin/skb boot
module  /scc/sbin/spawnd boot bootscc=4
module  /scc/sbin/startd boot

module /scc/sbin/test core=0 0 4

# RCK memory map
# 624MB private RAM
mmap    map         0x0             0x27000000  1
mmap    map     0x80000000  0x03000000  1
# 1GB shared RAM (over all MCs) in the middle of address space
mmap    map     0x84000000  0x3c000000  1
# 384MB MPB space
mmap    mmp     0xc0000000  0x18000000  1
# 16MB more private RAM
mmap    map         0xff000000  0x1000000   1

*The mt file:*

0x00 0x00 6 0x00 barrelfish0.obj
0x04 0x00 6 0x04 barrelfish1.obj

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