[Barrelfish-users] x86 cache patch

Mateusz Olczak mateusz at olczak.se
Sun Jun 23 18:00:25 CEST 2013


A while back I asked if caching was enabled for all cores and got the reply it was up to the hardware BIOS to do that for all cores.
Since not all BIOSes do that, I had to make Barrelfish enable caches on all cores for purpose of benchmarking Barrelfish using Simics and g-cache.

I've attached the tiny patch.
What it does:
For x86_32 in arch_init:
Moves the enable_caches() out of #ifdef __scc__ and thus enables caches on all cores for x86_32, not only the Intel SCC.

For x86_64:
Adds the enable_caches() function and calls it in arch_init for x86_64, thus enabling caches on all cores for x86_64.

Kind Regards,
// Mateusz 

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