[Barrelfish-users] Problems with driver after moving from Mackerel 1 to Mackerel 2 interface.

Mateusz Olczak mateusz at olczak.se
Fri Mar 8 23:31:02 CET 2013


I'm trying to move the in-development i825xx network driver from Mackerel 1 to the Mackerel 2 interface but experience problems with the driver after the move.
Is there any thing particular to take into account when moving to the new Mackerel interface?

The problem experienced is following:
First I set up a LAN bridge and test it with the i825xx driver which uses the old Mackerel 1 interface. Pinging the host works fine.
Then I reboot the machine and use the new Mackerel 2 driver. The card gets an IP from internal Qemu/Simics DHCP server.
However, when I ping the Barrelfish host all returning packets seems to get dropped as I can not see any outgoing traffic at all over the bridge. 

I went through both drivers comparing them line by line, the only difference between the drivers is that I use the getters and setters from the Mackerel 2 interface.

Does any one got any hints what could be the cause of this?

Kind Regards,
// Mateusz 

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