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Hi Xiaowen,

It is not possible to turn off bulk transfer. Instead, you need to provide an alternative implementation of the bulk transfer API for moving data between cores on your system. This might involve an underlying message transport, but in general our message transports are optimized for short typed messages, and would be extremely inefficient for moving bulk data, so we don't do this by default.

Unfortunately the current bulk transfer API is pretty limited and can only be used for one-way data movement, so there is still code lurking in Barrelfish that assumes it can map frame capabilities to share memory coherently. Improving the bulk transfer API so that this is not necessary is an ongoing topic of research... we have a new API, but the implementation is not yet ready for release.


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I have a problem about bulk transfer during communication between dispatchers. As far as I know, bulk transfer is to use shared memory to implement massive data transfer. But assume in our system, like distributed system, we don't want to use shared memory method, so is it possible to turn off bulk transfer in Barrelfish? And how to do it?

By the way, is there some limitation on bulk transfer? e.g. bulk transfer can be only used by processes on the some core? or any two dispatchers, on matter on the same core or different cores, can set up bulk transfer?

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