[Barrelfish-users] ARM Architectures on QEMU

Dominic Hung domchdh at hku.hk
Wed Nov 27 10:49:23 CET 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to make few queries into the compilation of
barrelfish-2013-11-17 on ARM architectures.


I am writing to see if anyone has successfully built barrelfish-2013-11-17
on ARMv5. I have experienced linker error after doing a "make"

arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc -g -O2 -T./armv5/kernel/linker.lds -o
./armv5/sbin/cpu -Wl,-N -Wl,-Map,./armv5/kernel/kernel.map -fno-builtin
-nostdlib -Wl,--fatal-warnings ./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/boot.o
./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/exceptions.o ./armv5/kernel/arch/arm/exn.o
./armv5/kernel/arch/arm/exec.o ./armv5/kernel/arch/arm/misc.o
./armv5/kernel/arch/arm/phys_mmap.o ./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/init.o
./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/integrator.o ./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/kludges.o
./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/kputchar.o ./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/pl011_uart.o
./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/cp15.o ./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/paging.o
./armv5/kernel/arch/armv5/syscall.o ./armv5/kernel/gdb_stub.o
./armv5/kernel/capabilities.o ./armv5/kernel/dispatch.o
./armv5/kernel/schedule_rbed.o ./armv5/kernel/memset.o
./armv5/kernel/memmove.o ./armv5/kernel/paging_generic.o
./armv5/kernel/printf.o ./armv5/kernel/startup.o ./armv5/kernel/stdlib.o
./armv5/kernel/string.o ./armv5/kernel/syscall.o ./armv5/kernel/wakeup.o
./armv5/kernel/useraccess.o ./armv5/lib/libelf.a ./armv5/lib/libcpio.a
./armv5/lib/libgetopt.a ./armv5/lib/libmdb_kernel.a -lgcc

undefined reference to `__aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr1'

collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

make: *** [armv5/sbin/cpu] Error 1
1) -> I would like to see if anyone has the above problem compiling the
latest code for armv5 and have the respective solution?

I tried the 2013-08-16 build as well, bearing similar problems.


2) -> For 2013-11-17 build, the compilation requires editing the
symbolic_link.mk for successful compilation on the armv7 architecture.
Changing "armv7/sbin/fish" to "sbin/fish" and commenting out the
"sbin/examples/xmplspawn". This error is not in the 2013-08-16 build.

3) -> Furthermore, I would like to see to the proper method running armv7
build on QEMU. Now, to let the compilation success, firstly, I am making a
link for menu.lst.armv7, pointing to menu.lst.pandaboard. Secondly, in the
symbolic_link.mk, I appeneded the following lines,

else ifeq ($(ARCH),armv7)
        QEMU_CMD=qemu-system-arm -cpu cortex-a9 -M realview-pbx-a9 -kernel
armv7/sbin/cpu_omap44xx -append "console=ttyAMA0"
after the arm11mp-condition in the simulate part of Make codes, and make
adjustment mentioned in 2) to make the compilation goes.

But even after QEMU can be successfully triggered after make sim, nothing
is running inside the QEMU. No console output, no display output.

4) -> I am wondering whether a cpu_omap44xx.bin is missing as compare to
armv5 modules. May anyone give me any hint what is the difference between
sbin/cpu and sbin/cpu.bin?


5) -> According to the following link, someone in the community mentioned
ARM11MP is not supported because it cannot be compiled. (Available:
https://lists.inf.ethz.ch/pipermail/barrelfish-users/2011-July/000207.html) I
would like to see if the barrelfish team can speak of this officially,
which ARM architecture(s) are currently supported?

Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Dominic Hung

C H Dominic Hung, B.Eng. (CE) HK
M. Phil. Student, Dept. of CS., Faculty of Engg.

Email: domchdh at hku.hk
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