[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish release

Stefan Kaestle stefan.kaestle at inf.ethz.ch
Sun Aug 31 00:50:18 CEST 2014

Hi all,

We are glad to announce a new release of Barrelfish. The new version is 
packed with new features (338 changesets). Apart from the notorious 
bugfixes, we are especially proud of the following new features:

1. Xeon Phi support, which enables running one Barrelfish instance 
across the host machine and Xeon Phi cards. We will release a Tech Note 
describing Xeon Phi support in Barrelfish soon.
2. Merge with the Arrakis fork of Barrelfish 
3. Two student projects looking into bulk transport: one over shared 
memory (Jeremia Bär and Claudio Föllmi) and one over networks (Reto 
Achermann and Antoine Kaufmann). As usual, you can find reports of these 
projects on the Barrelfish website.

Due to the vast number of changes, we are currently still working on 
some unresolved problems introduced with this release, most notably:

1. pci programming: The PCI allocation plan returned by the SKB is 
invalid in some cases. If you are affected by this bug, it is worth 
trying to use the BIOS-given allocation plan (x86_64/sbin/pci auto 
2. vmkit is broken

We are working hard to fix these problems and hope to publish a bug-fix 
release soon.



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