[Barrelfish-users] Fwd: Barrelfish-users Digest, Vol 58, Issue 1

Kornilios Kourtis kornilios.kourtis at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Dec 3 11:30:32 CET 2014


On Wed, Dec 03, 2014 at 02:58:52PM +0530, Vinay Kumar wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently there was a new release of Barrelfish code which includes some
> enhancements to core management (with reference to below mail),
> I was planning to try to run this release on our systems,
> I tried to clone and download the code from git repository, but somehow
> its failing to connect to git.barrelfish.org when I run the git command
> below:
> #git clone git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish
> Cloning into 'barrelfish'...
> fatal: unable to connect to git.barrelfish.org:
> git.barrelfish.org[0:]: errno=Connection timed out

For what is worth, I tried to clone the repo in a non-ETH machine and it
seems to work. So maybe this is a network issue on your side?


Kornilios Kourtis

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