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Hi Mark,

This is not a known problem (at least not to me; someone else on the list might know more). Deferred events run off the same per-core timer used by the kernel for scheduling - on x86, this is the local APIC timer. If they don't work on other cores, then I would expect that a lot of scheduling code would also be broken. What platform are you running on? Does this reproduce on Qemu?


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   I'm running into a problem with the deferred event support. I'm running a system with 4 cores. When I attach a periodic deferred event (timer) within core 0 all works well. When I attach one within core 3 it does not fire at all. All deferred events are attached to their respective default waitsets and the "main"s running in each core are running an event loop on the core's respective default waitset. Is there any known problem with this function?

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