[Barrelfish-users] File Write / stdlib "system"

Dominic Hung domchdh at hku.hk
Sun Oct 19 21:54:00 CEST 2014

Dear all,

I have 2 questions, 1 on file I/O and 1 on stdlib system call

1) I would like to know is there any method to write back the directory
back to the host file system if I am using ramfs? I am currently running
barrelfish on Intel SCC and the network module is not working. So will
there be any workaround for this?

2) On the stdlib, I sees that fish is not enabled for the SCC architecture.
But can I use the stdlib system("") call? How can I enable it?


Dominic Hung

C H Dominic Hung, B.Eng. (CE) HK
M. Phil. Student, Dept. of CS., Faculty of Engg.

Mobile: +852-9819-9360
Email: domchdh at hku.hk
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