[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish release

Stefan Kaestle stefan.kaestle at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Mar 4 12:36:00 CET 2015

Hi all,

We are glad to announce a new release of Barrelfish. The new version 
contains 10 bugfixes:

Gerd Zellweger (1):
       Fix compilation of e10k.

Simon Gerber (9):
       Make include/barrelfish/ump_impl.h compile for C++.
       Rename struct slab_alloc to struct slab_allocator.
       Added C++ test that includes barrelfish/barrelfish.h
       x86_64: added more descriptive error message in 
       posixcompat: added stubs for fchown,fchmod,mmap,munmap.
       monitor: change debug_printf in delete_steps_init() to DEBUG_CAPOPS.
       spawnd: clarify "up" message with core id.
       harness: Added extra PASS/FAIL output line in non-debug mode.
       spawnd: reorganized code to eliminate duplicate get_core_id() call.

As always, Barrelfish can be obtained from git.barrelfish.org.



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