[Barrelfish-users] How to run Linux applications over barrelfish using VMM

Gerd Zellweger gerd.zellweger at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Mar 18 10:31:09 CET 2015

Hi Utsav,

I suggest you start by looking at the following documents from the 
barrelfish website:

The relevant bits of code for the VMM in barrelfish you can find in 

There is also an automated test in tools/harness/tests/vmkit.py that 
should give you some hints on how-to run and configure barrelfish to 
start the VMM.
Note that the vmkit in its current form provides only limited 
virtualization for x86 hardware (for example no APIC support as far as I 

Hope this helps,

On 2015-03-16 21:54, Utsav Popli wrote:
> Hello All, 
> How to run linux applications over barrelfish using VMM ?
> Can you provide steps or any documentation for how to run linux
> applications on top of barrelfish using VMM?
> Thank you 
> Regards
> Utsav Popli
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