[Barrelfish-users] How to run Linux applications over barrelfish using VMM

Gerd Zellweger gerd.zellweger at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Mar 20 10:01:50 CET 2015

Hi Utsav,

[Please consider sending your mails to the list instead of directly to 
me so everyone can see it and if possible give you better answers.]

I suggest that you look at the technotes on barrelfish.org to get 
familiar with Barrelfish. And of course the most up-to-date information 
you'll always find by looking at the source code itself. As for porting 
Graphene I would suggest you ask the Graphene people for some guidelines 
on how to port it to a non-linux architecture. I would assume there is 
some hypercall interface that you'll have to implement.

Hope this helps,

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