[Barrelfish-users] Dual boot Barrelfish with Ubuntu

Timothy Roscoe troscoe at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Mar 26 07:57:10 CET 2015

Dear Vinay, 

What exactly do you mean?  Since Barrelfish is an OS just like
Linux, you can boot it using Grub - indeed, this is what the default
build system generates for use with Qemu.   

Hence, there's no magic: you just add the Barrelfish image to you
menu.lst and rerun grub. 

We have (in the past) dual-booted laptops with Barrelfish and Linux
(and Windows) to give talks. 

 -- Mothy

At Thu, 26 Mar 2015 10:44:47 +0530, Vinay Kumar <ms.vinay.k at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is Barrrelfish possible to dual boot with Ubuntu?
> Can you please provide a detail steps on how to do this.
> Thanks
> Vinay

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