[Barrelfish-users] [Barrelfish] New Barrelfish Release

David Cock david.cock at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Sep 3 09:56:17 CEST 2015

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. This 
release includes large page support on ARM, and a significant overhaul 
of the build system.  Runtime and memory consumption of Hake have 
dropped by a factor of 10 and 20, respectively.  The new build system 
also introduces the concept of 'build platforms' - top-level targets for 
each platform (e.g. x86_64 or PandaboardES).  Almost all Makefile 
targets are now generated by Hake - very little remains in 

Support for Intel SCC and for ARM11MP (ARMv6) has been dropped in this 
release, as we no longer maintain the corresponding hardware.  Code for 
these platforms will continue to be available via previous release tags 
in the repository.

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling from our 
git repository [2].

-- David

[2] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish

David Cock (51):
       Made errval_t a flounder builtin.
       Make build_pandaboard_image.sh use global ARM_GCC
       Generic modules shouldn't be listed under <arch>/
       Include modules_common in x86 builds
       Toolchain selection when bootstrapping builds
       WIP on a faster hake
       Generates a Makefile
       Replaced old hake
       Dependency generation for Flounder bindings relies on Flounder 
def headers
       Down to 12s, targets build
       Sped up path manipulation, down to 9.2s
       Use a set for arch comparison, 9.0s
       Walk directories in parallel (async)
       Switched from hake.Path to System.FilePath
       Wasn't outputting Target tokens
       Replaced allfiles list with a Trie
       Fixed a few bugs in the new search combinators
       Keep directory lists sorted
       TreeDB merge operation
       Generate source-tree relative filenames straight away
       Set RTSOPTS on build
       Merge branch 'master' into hake-platforms
       Removed SCC
       New-style Xeon Phi build
       Made lib/numa compile on x86_32
       Add -Wformat explicitly wherever -Wformat-security appears
       ARMv5 & XScale build.
       Make hake.sh parallelism configurable (-j N)
       Better description of hake phases
       armv7-m (heteropanda) builds.
       Made optimisation flags overridable per-platform.
       XScale builds
       Update -j N guidance
       Removed ARM11MP - unsupported and non-functional.
       More reasonable error output from Hake
       Updated hake build rules
       Don't run hake twice for 'make rehake'
       Add explicit dependency from asmoffsets.s to errno.h
       Quieted make a little.
       Consolidated toolchain selection
       Fixed a broken tool path
       Updated harness builds to match hake.sh
       Document Haskell package dependencies for Hake
       ARMv5 doesn't actually use romfs_size.h
       Added pandaboards to eth_machinedata.py (harness)
       Added async dep for hake
       Split Fugu .h and .c generation
       Removed reference to SCC docs.

Reto Achermann (2):
       monitor: handover of correct state for cap revocations
       monitor: bugfixes in the revocation protocol

Simon Gerber (7):
       arm: implement flush cache debug syscall
       32bit arm: fix large page support. Close T148.
       large page morecore: add command line options to test
       armv5: add missing cp15_invalidate_i_and_d_caches_fast()
       arm: fix caps_map_l1 for armv5 and remove panic()s in armv7
       monitor: remove old capability code
       monitor: distops: add missing free + assert in retrieve.

Timothy Roscoe (2):
       Modularize symbolic targets a bit
       Simplification of symbolic_targets.mk, addition of platforms and 
boots to Hake.

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