[Barrelfish-users] problem in running a program in Barrelfish

Reto Achermann reto.achermann at inf.ethz.ch
Sun Jul 24 15:46:19 CEST 2016


After the running Hake, you see a list of possible make targets, those 

  - 'help-platforms': show the platforms (file collections) which can ..
  - 'help-boot':      show the boot sequences which can be initiated
  - 'clean':          remove most generated files

to show available build targets, type
$ make help-platforms

	 Basic 64-bit x86 PC build
	 64-bit x86 PC build with benchmarks
	 64-bit x86 PC build with benchmarks and test suites

If you want to build Barrelfish and your application,
Make sure you have added your program one of those targets which are 
defined in $SOURCETREE/platforms/Hakefile

then -- assuming you added it to the basic list -- you type
$make X86_64_Basic

or alternatively build just your application
make x86_64/sbin/your_application

To boot Barrelfish you see the list of boot targets by typing
$make help-boot

	 Boot QEMU in 64-bit x86 mode emulating a PC
	 Boot QEMU under GDB in 64-bit x86 mode emulating a PC

Add your program to the menu.lst in $BUILDTREE/platforms/x86/

and run Barrelfish inside QEMU
$make qemu_x86_64

the same applies for all the other architectures.


On 07/24/2016 02:26 PM, alireza sanaee wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to run a simple application on Barrelfish but I have problem
> while I want to make it after Makefile generation by hake command. Here
> is the picture
> Inline image 2
> I exactly followed the tutorial, but I could not figure out which part
> I'm missing !
> Thank you for your help,
> Seyed Alireza Sanaee,
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Reto Achermann,

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