[Barrelfish-users] Automating Development Environments with Vagrant

Rodrigo Siqueira rodrigosiqueiramelo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 12:31:21 CET 2016


Around two months I'm studying about Barrelfish and I made some tiny
changes to it (just to learn). In my case, I use Arch Linux and I had a few
problems because of some required packages to compile Barrelfish (available
only for Ubuntu).

I plan to pack those dependencies to Arch, but now I am focusing to
understand how Barrelfish works. By this reason, I created a small
automation with Vagrant to make easier to compile Barrelfish in an
environment different from Ubuntu. After thinking about this small
automation, I was considering if it could be useful for anothers
Barrelfish's enthusiasts. Why, I believe that could be helpful:

1 - Users, which are not using Debian like system could take benefit of it;
2 - Not put extra packages on your environment;
3 - Easy to clean the environment (up and destroy).

What you need to use it:

* vagrant
* one provider (for the moment, only works with Virtualbox)

How it works:

* vagrant up -> The first time, it will download Ubuntu image and run
provision (script created based on
* vagrant provision -> Execute provision script again
* vagrant destroy -> Destroy image
* vagrant ssh -> enter in the virtual machine

Using qemu:

All the compile results will be in 'build' directory (shared between
virtual machine and host), just run 'make qemu_x86_64' in your local
machine (or in the virtual machine, if you want)

I did it to make my tasks with Barrelfish easier, and I shared this patch
with you to collect a feedback. If you think this can be useful for
Barrelfish, I can make the Vagrantfile and provision more flexible (for use
any provider, for example).

Finally, I'm not sure if here is the correct place to send a patch (or a
draft of it) or even if this is the correct approach to send a
contribution. If I did something wrong, please let me know.

Best regards


Rodrigo Siqueira
Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
University of São Paulo
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