[Barrelfish-users] Barrelfish init sequence overview in GraphML

Kosyrev Serge skosyrev at ptsecurity.com
Tue Nov 22 14:31:50 CET 2016

Good day!

During my dive into Barrelfish internals I have attempted to get a feel
of its x86-64 kernel initialization sequence/overall control flow and so
the attached graphml (/yEd) file was born.

It was created for the 2016-07-20 release, and updated in accord with
the changes in 2016-11-09.

For the files covered, it partially captures the call graph of the
entirety of their functions -- from a perspective of someone who was
mostly interested in overall composition of the whole thing.

The files covered:

  - kernel/arch/x86_64/boot.S
  - kernel/arch/x86_64/init.c
  - kernel/arch/x86/startup_x86.c
  - kernel/arch/x86_64/startup_arch.c
  - kernel/dispatch.c
  - kernel/wakeup.c
  - kernel/arch/x86_64/exec.c
  - kernel/arch/x86_64/dispatch.c
  - kernel/include/target/x86_64/paging_kernel_target.h
  - kernel/arch/x86_64/irq.c

A necessary disclaimer -- it should be understood that it's fairly
skimmy and unreliable when it comes to details secondary to the
non-control-flow aspect -- capability manipulation springs to mind..

с уважениeм / respectfully,
Косырев Сергей
“Most deadly errors arise from obsolete assumptions.”
  -- Frank Herbert, Children of Dune
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