[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish Release

Turowski Adam S. adam.turowski at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Jul 26 14:39:52 CEST 2017

Dear all,
We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. Along with various bug fixes, this release includes Skate, a new device drivers domains infrastucture, FreeBSD libc, lwip2 and a new network API.

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling it from our git repository [1] or GitHub [2].


[1] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish
[2] https://github.com/BarrelfishOS/barrelfish

Adam Turowski (38):
     Merge branch 'lwip-next': new lwip-2 network stack
     net/arp and net/dhcp: adding missing includes
     Removing Windows newlines.
     lwip2: fixing pbuf reallocation and tuning TCP options
     pci library: adding a user state pointer
     devif: e1000 backend initial version
     spawn: fixing creation of an environment, empty string could be insterted on non-x86
     schemas: converting 'right single quotation mark' to normal apostrophe
     numa: changing PRI macros to SCN in a scanf-alike call
     armv7: enabling VFP
     hake: fixing linking order of static libraries by grouping them, removing newlib and libc include paths, changing armv7 abi to hard floats
     platforms: disabling sshd
     skb: switching from dlmalloc to libc malloc
     libc: removing newlib, adding BSD libc     posixcompat: moving gettimeofday to libc     harness: adding a simple math test     lwip, lwip2: moving includes to /include, compiling with BSD headers
     harness: call hake with a proper architecture
     gdtoa: fixing Hakefile
     rpc_cap_test: adding missing include
     armv7: moving do_resume from the general arm part (which didn't work for armv8 anyway) to the armv7 section
     armv7: save vfp context (at least part of it)
     devif_test: fixing e10k queue constructor call     fvp: reverting the fvp path
     compiler-rt: removing an arm abi override, defaulting to compiler's
     k1om: some fix-ups
     net_sockets: converting nfs
     net: converting lwip types to bsd types
     net_sockets: e1000 server
     harness: changing tests to net sockets
     net: enabling DHCP
     tftpclient: converting to net sockets     net_sockets: adding local/remote addresses/ports to the net_socket structure     net,dhcp: adding a possibility of setting of static IP
     harness: adjusting http tests to a new network stack
     net_sockets: some TCP fixups
     net: adding command-line IP configuration options
     hake: removing an unknown warning option from the x86_64 target     harness: do an actual read in the webserver stress test
     Fixing compilation issues on x86_64 and armv8
     Removing ssh
     Merge branch 'bsdlibc'
     net: adding a loopback interface
     net,loopback: small fix
     net,e1000: fixing interrupt handling

Gerd Zellweger (15):
     Add addModules flag to hake.
     Added infrastructure for driver domains, device driver modules and     device driver instances.
     Added template for driver domain and driver module.
     Extend glossary with the new driver terminology.
     Update documentation for device drivers.
     Small fix to glossary.
     Check-in older changes from FDIF conversion.
     Pass cap correct in driver domain to fdif instance.
     Convert mmchs to new driver interface.
     Fix dependencies for mmchs driver.
     Commit SDMA driver changes.
     Kaluga modifications to start domain.
     Change the pandaboard drivers to new driver format.
     Remove debug print in waitset.c
     Fix platform file.

Lukas Humbel (3):
     ARMv8: Use generated armv8 mackerel files
     ARMv8: Make gic_v3 use new ARMv8 mackerel file
     ARMv8: Remove generic_timer.dev (now in armv8.dev)

Reto Achermann (127):
     lwip-2.0.2: initial import of recent LWIP version
     lwip-2.0.2: adding ppp files for completeness
     lwip-2.0.2: disabling IP debug option
     lwip-2.0.2: removing mistakenly added *.c files in include directory
     lwip-2.0.2: WIP - adding some code for lwip-devif glue.
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into lwip-next
     devif: making the loopback interface work
     lwip-2.0.2: moving pbuf alloc/free functions to separate library
     initial commit of libnet
     libnet: adding solarflare and dhcp
     libnet: adding timeout function
     libnet: adding include of solarflare backend
     devif: accounting for valid data when calculating paddr
     lwip-2.0.2: returning the correct ms for sys_now()
     libnet: adding check for non-null pbuf in udp receive
     lwip-2.0.2: always use the force option for barrelfish pbuf header
     lwip-2.0.2: disable debug output
     libnet: always allocate pbufs of type ref, as they are not backed by RAM or pools
     libnet: disable debug output
     libnet: adding basic benchmarking for enqueue and lwip stack
     libnet: obtaining MAC address and DHCP timers
     Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into lwip-next
     making netflags explicit unsigned long.
     devif: return QUEUE_EMTPY when re-enqueuing a buffer with RX failure
     libnet: adding buffer debug facilities
     devif: fixes and improvements of the solarflare queue
     libnet: improve benchmarking of LWIP stack
     lwip-2.0.2: update lwip options
     libnet: adding ping domain
     devif: bugfixes in the solarflare queue
     libnet: adding ping facility to Hakefile
     libnet: adding switch for turning on interrupts
     libnet: use shifts instead of divisions for netbuf
     libnet: don't do pbuf realloc
     lwip-2.0.2: enabling the raw interface
     adding UDP ping facility
     devif: making use of power of two pool size
     libnet: adding timeout message to ping
     libnet: printing IP info only if IP is set
     libnet: adding DHCP management functionality
     libnet: refactor initialization code
     libnet: fixing compilation with enabled debug
     libnet: some bugfixes in the DHCP functionality
     libnet: passing state pointer to queue init
     devicedb: allowing multiple instances of SFN and e10k
     devif: adding control message to the solarflare interface
     libnet: remove unneeded test code for the lwip stack
     solarflare: only start if the supplied arguments are valid
     libnet: ensure DHCP timeout is checked in polling mode
     libnet: rename the polling flag
     libnet: refactor initialization functions to take a state pointer
     libnet: bugfixes in dhcp module
     libnet: don't do DHCP by default
     sfn5122f: implement local rpc handlers
     sfn5122f: fixing compilation after merge
     libnet: adding functionality to publish/subscribe to ARPs
     lwip-2.0.2: enable static ARP entries
     libnet: integrating arp service to library and adding test domains
     lwip-2.0.2: updating LWIP options
     libnet: don't install arp cache entries for IP
     libnet: moving net.h to public include.
     doc: updating and re-naming documetation 20: sockeye -> skate
     doc: adding more content to TN-020
     doc/TN-020: adding more description of the syntax
     TN-020: finishing up syntax, starting with C mapping chapter
     TN-020: adding descriptions and placeholders for C mappings
     TN-020: adding text and sections to syntax
     skate: initial commit of skate with working parser
     TN: adding synbf macro
     skate: adding skate checker module
     skate: adding wiki abstract syntax
     skate: moving filename check to SkateChecker module
     skate: remove old header generation
     skate: adding basic Skate output functions
     TN-020: reorganizing and more documentation
     TN-020: adding more description to the Skate syntax definition
     TN-020: removing some of the old description
     skate: starting the typetable and adding comments.
     Skate: implement check for type table
     skate: implementation of declaration table
     skate: implementation of basic checks on declrations
     skate: extend parser to support fully qualified names
     skate: initial parts fo the C header backend
     skate: implementation of C header for enums and constants
     skate: adding struct definitions for the facts
     hake: integration of skate into the build system
     moving lib/machinemodel to schemas directory
     skate: adding optional arch argument
     skate: adding ACPI MADt schema
     skate: adding more error messages to the parser
     schema/acpi: making the MADT schema definition compile with the new parser
     removing references to old lib machinemodel
     datagatherer: remove generated dependeicy
     removing tools/sockeye -> transition to skate
     Skate: defining varios functions for type handling and code generation
     TN-020: adding examples for flags/constants/enums
     TN-020: adding motivational usescases fo Skate
     TN-020: adding some notes on the AST checks
     skate: store source position when parsing a skatefile
     armv8: adding modules to enable multi-core tests to harness
     harness: removing PCI domain from modules list of ARMv8
     compiler-rt: white space changes that caused compiler warning
     compiler-rt: actually use arch_cFlags and disabling subft3 test on ARMv8
     skate: adding generation of fact format string
     Add code generation for functions to add facts to the SKB
     skate: make generated C code compile
     TN-020: adding a remark regarding case sensitivity
     Merge branch 'skate'
     skate: use architecture instead of arch family
     armv8: fixing misaligned page-table in bootdriver
     fixing build for the documentation
     armv8: fixing menu.lst files and adding bootdriver to the platforms
     octopus: remove include to flounder file in public include
     solarflare: adding missing flounder defs to hakefile
     cdefs: do not use __nonnull function argument attribute
     harness: adding netsockets server to xeon phi test
     weever: differentiate error values from elfload
     K1OM: fixing patch to change the elf type for CPU driver
     k1om: fixing initialization of apic timer interrupts
     xeon_phi: fix compilation with full debug enabled
     flounder: sending the right bind/bind-reply message types
     harness: checking the right condition for the xeon phi test
     armv8: fix compilation for lrpc benchmark
     armv8: do not set all_spawnds_up by default on ARMv8
     armv8: actually use 64-bit values to store initial registers
     harness: increasing timeout for the mt_waitset test, to avoid timeout on armv8 machines
     increasing boot timeout for the big ARM machine

Roni Häcki (18):
     libnet: implemented adding/removing hardware filters from solarflare card
     platforms hakefile fixed trailing comma
     solaflare: driver removing old filter code
     solarflare: init queue 0 in driver
     solarflare: removed old management interface code
     netlib: better integration of harware filtering
     netlib: integrated e10k device queue including hardware filters
     e10k: driver working using legacy descriptors
     e10k: enabling requesting default queue
     e10k: fixed adding filter bug
     libnet: adding hardware filter for udp ping test
     solarflare: call networking_poll in polling mode
     solarflare: fixed polling mode to not raise additional interrupts
     skb: revert core hint of drivers to core 0
     e10k: legacy interrupts working with new network stack
     libnet: udp ping adapted to also work with interrupts
     libnet: benchmark mode only count dequeues that do not fail
     libnet: benchmarking distinguish between rx/tx dequeue

Simon Gerber (20):
     harness: fix gorgonzola2 machine data
     armv8: kaluga: remove early oct_set("all_spawnds_up")
     harness: cleanup tests to not override is_finished() where possible
     harness: distops tests: make sure tests have run when reporting test success
     tests: update L1/L2 CNode creation tests and add harness test
     documentation: tn13: start updating capmgmt technote
     doc: tn13: update capability type section
     doc: tn13: Add one sentence description for all currently available Kernel cap invocations
     doc: tn13: add KCB to cap types
     doc: tn13: fix comment in hakefile
     doc: tn13: add mapping capability to types
     doc: tn13: Update wording for frame/devframe ondelete()
     doc: tn13: Add section on implementation of cap database
     doc: tn13: Add section on Mark's hybrid operations in ch6
     doc: tn13: Reword hybrid solution section
     doc: tn13: more updates to ch6
     doc: tn13: add invocations on VNode and some minor changes
     kernel: caps_lookup_slot: fix edgecase for l1 index out of range
     tests: fix skb cap storage test to use %PRIuGENPADDR instead of %zu
     doc: tn04: update vm technote to match recent implementation changes

Timothy Roscoe (1):
     Converted Filet-o-Fish Literate Haskell code into a Technical Note

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