[Barrelfish-users] Master Thesis

David Cock david.cock at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Mar 2 09:23:57 CET 2017


   Absolutely - we've got plenty of projects available.  You can have a 
look at the list on the systems group website (systems.ethz.ch), or feel 
free to come by and talk to us - we've generally got a whole lot of 
ideas floating around that we haven't gotten around to writing up yet.  
There are a few larger projects going on that it might be interesting to 
get involved with.


On 01/03/17 14:40, Schwyn Daniel wrote:
> Hi David,
> I am a Master’s student at the CS department and looking for a topic 
> for my thesis. I took the AOS course last semester and wanted to ask 
> you now whether there are any projects available in the OS group.
> Best regards,
> Daniel

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