[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish Release

Simon Gerber simon.gerber at inf.ethz.ch
Fri May 5 13:53:38 CEST 2017

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. Along with
various bug fixes, this release includes functional user space for Barrelfish
on ARMv8, albeit without multi core support, a modified network stack which
uses the device queue interface, and an API to store capabilities in the
system knowledge base (SKB).

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling from our
git repository [1].

-- Simon

[1] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish

Adam Turowski (4):
      network: replacing net_queue_manager with devif as a data path, still WIP so it'll probably break the network stack
      devif: fixing the initialization of descq
      devif: fixup of the arguments order in descq
      descq: increasing the default queue size from 64 to 2048

David Cock (1):
      Cleaned up Mackerel explosion.

Gerd Zellweger (6):
      Add functionality to store caps with unique IDs.
      Added functionality in libskb to store and retrieve caps.
      Added a test to check the SKB capability storage functionality.
      Fix some dependency that fail the build.
      Fix skb_snprintf uint64 parsing for the Pandaboard.
      Removed if/octopus_defs.h from public header file.

Lukas Humbel (13):
      GICv3: First steps
      GICv3: enable interrupts
      GICv3: add raise softirq
      ARMv8: add boot_driver to simulated ARM machines
      GICv3: Generate softirq
      GICv3: Add support for mem-mapped CPU interface
      APM88xx and gicv3_mmio: use correct addresses
      ARMv8: On fatal_kernel_fault print causing vector
      ARMv8: Make GIC400 work. Timer interrupts work.
      ARMv8: Give correct name to GIC files
      ARMv8: Disable GICv2 FIQ bypass interrupt
      ARMv8: Store status register on interrupt
      ARMv8: Correct timer calls.

Moritz Hoffmann (2):
      Remove symbolic_targets.mk as it is not being used anymore
      lib/gmp: Remove from tree

Reto Achermann (120):
      Platforms: dropp x86_32 targets
      Platforms: drop ARMv8 GEM5 targets
      hake: remove menu.lst.armv8_gem5
      hake: adding menu.lst for Cavium ThunderX and APM 88xxxx
      platforms: take care of copying the new menu.lst
      coreboot: reorganize into arch directory, starting with ARMv8 support
      ARMv8: taking over steps of x86 coreboot to start with
      skb: adding static platform facts for the ThunderX and X-Gene SoC
      kaluga: load the platform facts on arch_startup
      acpi: update the HW records fields
      armv8: implementation of PSCI calls
      ARMv8: fixing invoking function for CPU on
      ARMv8: adding mackerel definition for reading/writing TCR_EL2 register
      Merge branch 'master' into armv8-coreboot
      ARMv8: unifying SMC/HVC calls
      ARMv8: adapt psci to use unified smc/hvc
      ARMv8: adding entry points for the parking protocol and the psci protocol
      Adding type for the core's hardware id hwid_t
      ARMv8: adding stack pointer and L0 page table to ARM coredata
      acpi: using arm mpdir for hwid
      hwrecords: use %d for 64-bit ints, %lu is not supported
      coreboot: prepare new cpudriver on armv8 and use of hwid_t
      coreboot: reaming apic_id to hw_id
      coreboot: restore the debug print state
      coreboot: don't take address of pointer when reading oct record
      ARMv8: reorganize kernel entry point
      ARMv8: adding debug syscall to get coreboot test working
      armv8: adding boot magic to coredata
      ARMv8: using asmoffset for the stack field in coredata
      ARMv8: setting l0page tables for when doing PSCI boot
      ARMv8: setting new kernel stack properly in coredata
      ARMv8: adding comments on the needed steps to initialize the core
      elf: adding ELF64_Rel  struct definition
      ARMv8: adding more sysregs to mackerel
      ARMv8: adding pointer to struct global to core data
      ARMv8: adding switch case for PSCI boot protocol
      ARMv8: making coredata fields 64-bits wide
      ARMv8: APP core bootup code, passing pointer to kernel_startup()
      ARMv8: adding APP core boot configuration
      ARMv8: setting global pointer in coredata struct
      ARMv8: working implementation of coreboot
      making hwid_t to be uintptr_t
      Coredata: making archid to be of type hwid_t
      ARMv8: adding system register CPACR_EL1 to the device file
      ARMv8: fix implementation of cpu_is_bsp()
      ARMv8: coreboot allocates memory depending on monitor size
      ARM: move the *_map.h files into /include/maps/
      monitor: rename aarch64 -> armv8
      ARMv8: remove PSCI_ON debug syscall
      ARMv8: use ipi_cap invocation for coreboot.
      ARM: unifying coreboot on ARMv7 and ARMv8
      whitespace change: tabs -> spaces
      Mackerel: don't generate rawwr functions for RO registers
      ARMv8: declaring sysreg functions as inline assembly
      mackerel: don't generate read functions for write only registers
      ARMv8: use of mackerel functions to get current el
      ARMv8: adding more register declarations fo the device file
      ARMv8: remove functions from sysreg.h and  using mackerel functions instead.
      ARMv8: adding more mackerel definitions of system registers
      ARMv8: refactor boot.c and use mackerel functions for register access
      ARMv8: use mackerel functions to read SP_EL0 reagister
      ARMv8: adding missing function to make APM88xxxx target compile
      ARMv8: remove no longer needed functions from sysreg.h
      SKB: adding boot entry facts for armv8 platforms
      ACPI: adding boot entry fact to the skb
      ARMv8: having distinct entries for the different boot protocols
      usb: write the right register for clearing OHCI hub status
      spawnd: don't spawn boot drivers
      ARMv8: adding different linker scripts for boot drivers and cpu drivers
      ARMv8: adding generic boot driver target
      ARMv8: update fields of arm_core_data
      ARMv8: build bootdriver and load boot+cpu driver in coreboot
      harness: adding support for boot drivers
      SKB: adding ACPI quirks for ARMv8 platforms.
      ACPI: enabling quirks for initialization
      ACPI: removing unneeded print statements
      ACPI: don't abort when buttons cannot be initialized
      ARMv8: adding support for the parking protocol to coreboot
      ARMv8: removing bootdriver files from APM88xxxx cpudriver
      ARMv8: remove unused boot files
      ARMv8: preparing bootdriver for parking protocol and adding basic debug
      ARMv8: strip debug symbols from the CPU driver
      ARMv8: only use ACPI 2.0+ and not APCI 1.0 if set
      ARMv8: separating makerel file into related pieces
      Mackerel: don't use __DN() for cpu register functions
      ARMv8: use mackerel device function for setting timer control
      ARMv8: rename generic timer mackerel definitions
      ARMv8: remove sysreg functions of counters, mackerel used instead
      ARMv8: do not initialize a mackerel device for accessing system registers
      ARMv8: use timer_* functions in debug syscalls
      ARMv8: move timer related code to timers.h
      ARMv8: adding missing include to timers.h
      harness: fix assertion to cope with cpu/boot driver fields
      Harness: pass correct cmdline arguments to cpudriver
      harness: fix function call to get_kernel_args()
      K1OM: fix build with the introduction of hwid_t
      ACPI: fixing table mapping code
      Platforms: dropp x86_32 targets
      Platforms: drop ARMv8 GEM5 targets
      hake: remove menu.lst.armv8_gem5
      hake: adding menu.lst for Cavium ThunderX and APM 88xxxx
      platforms: take care of copying the new menu.lst
      Merge branch 'armv8-coreboot': Adding coreboot support form ARMv8
      Hake: adding boot/cpu driver entries to menu.lst for ARMv8
      ARMv8/coreboot: enable sequential booting of cores
      ARMv8: adding kernel stack limit to the coredata structure
      ARMv8: Remove kernel stack labels from linker script
      ARMv8: setting stack limit when booting cores
      ARMv8: setting stack top and number of pages to reserve properly
      ARMv8: properly restore cpudriver stack pointer on resume
      ARMv8: adding stub for booting cores on the X-GENE
      mackerel: do not pre-read write only registers
      Merge branch 'armv8-coreboot': final pieces for interrupts and coreboot
      octopus: remove inclusion to flounder header from public trigger.h
      e10k: adding e10k flounder defs to targets
      ACPI: towards handling all MADT table entries
      e1000: adding octopus flounder defs to fix dependency issue
      libnetif_raw: adding k1om to build architectures
      net_if_raw: don't assume hardware queues on k1om

Roni Häcki (29):
      nic_drivers: combined errors for NICs
      e10k: device_db file option fixed to allow legacy interrupts
      solarflare: bugfix for using legacy interrupts
      lwip: remove measuring code from datapath
      solarflare: changed card driver to start shared queue 0
      devif: solarflare backend queue optimized
      network: added solarflare device queues
      solarflare: fixed hakefile
      network: removed hardcoded MAC address for solarflare card
      devif: e10k backend removed unnecessary include
      network: fixed arm compilation
      devif: idc test fixed
      devif: fixed solarflare test
      solaflare: driver bugfix
      networking: simplified interface raw
      networking: interface raw fixed compilation for arm
      devq: idc backend fixed debug mode compilation
      devq: stackable debugging backend for checking buffer properties
      devq: test for debugging backend
      harness: extended devif test
      devq: idc backend handling failure of deregister rpc
      devq: debug backend added more functionality
      devq: changed debugging queue test
      devq: idc backend remove notification from enqueue
      networking: added notify in interface raw
      devq: small changes to idc/debug backend
      devq: idc backend better way of handling failed notify
      networking: interface raw define batch size for adding rx descriptors
      harness: fixed tfpt test

Simon Gerber (7):
      Merge Github PR#5. Add missing error check in frame_identify()
      T245: capops: fix distributed delete
      capops: add some more DEBUG_CAPOPS in delete code
      harness: Delete tests/tftp.py which is copied tests/webserver.py
      Add simple tftp client test
      harness: test base class: check for finish string not only at start of line
      harness: tftp test: actually check that we got the file contents we expect

Svyatoslav Ilinskiy (1):
      Add error checking in frame_identify()     Signed-off-by: Svyatoslav Ilinskiy <ilinskiy.sv at gmail.com>

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