[Barrelfish-users] [Barrelfish] New Barrelfish Release

haeckir roni.haecki at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Oct 12 15:34:29 CEST 2017

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. Along
with various bug fixes, this release includes a new process manager,
driver support for the Mellanox ConnectX-3 NIC, and a new DSL called 
Sockeye for describing hardware.

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling from our
git repository [1].

-- Roni

[1] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish


Adam Turowski (4):
       flounder: proper token reading when a buffer is sent first
       Fixup of some headers.
       flounder: moving receiving cap slots from a thread to a dispatcher
       mlx4: import of Vlad's Mellanox ConnectX InfiniBand driver

Daniel Schwyn (194):
       First take on Sockeye AST
       First take at Sockeye Parser
       Small refactoring
       Better error message for addresses
       Add compiler main function, just runs parser and prints the AST 
for now
       Some refactoring in main file
       Add hakefile
       Some cleanup
       Support parsing singleton address blocks
       Add support for omitting accept or translate block
       Add parser support for overlay. !!Will be parsed but ignored atm!!
       Add support for adding multiple nodes at once with the 'are' keyword
       Ensure parser reaches end of file
       Refactor to match abstract syntax in paper more closely
       Improve parse error messages for node specs
       Add support for specifying blocks via prefix/length
       Add check for duplicate identifiers
       Refactor AST
       Add check for references to undefined nodes
       Improve error message for failed check
       Add support for ommitting destination address in map
       Add support for multiple destinations in map
       Clean up
       Add support for plugin in different backends
       Improve option handling
       Allow '_' in identifiers
       Add option to specify output file
       Add stub for prolog backend
       Use unlines to print lines
       First take on Prolog backend
       decoding net predicates (need to be moved to SKB at some point)
       Make sure atoms start with lower case
       Fix order in some predicates to make search tree (considerably) 
       Fix translate predicate
       Make sure the @none for null-overlays is treated as an atom
       Start using constraints for decoding net predicates
       Predicates: Use constraints for addresses and backtracking for nodes
       make net predicate dynamic
       Refactor predicates
       Add predicates to print all origin/target ranges of a node
       Add first versions of predicates for configuration queries
       Rename new sockeye binary to sockeye2
       Add Sockeye file for OMAP4460
       Move Prolog predicates to usr/skb/programs
       Do not generate preamble when compiling Sockeye files to Prolog
       Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/skate' into sockeye
       Rename sockey2 -> sockeye
       Integrate sockeye with hake
       Add types to node
       Use node type for shared memory query
       Start more complete spec of OMAP4460
       Add support for '-' in node IDs
       Make checker case insensitive
       OMAP4460 spec with all interconnects
       Group devices by modules
       Improve error message on syntax errors with 'is'/'are'
       Ensure all node identifers are compiled to Prolog atoms
       Use device type for device frame query
       First take on complete OMAP4460 specs
       Add power/clock management details to OMAP specs
       Add device name finder query
       Make Sockeye case sensitive again
       Add CORTEXA9 node to OMAP spec
       Refactor decoding net skb programs
       Fix CORTEXA9 -> L3 mapping
       Start writing technote
       Add section about checks to technote
       Remove omap4460_paper.soc
       Remove naive decoding net implementation
       Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into sockeye
       Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into sockeye
       Separate node IDs by whitespace for 'are' instead of commas
       Technote: Add syntax description
       Technote: Clean up
       Remove test .soc file from Hakefile
       Technote: Add hake chapter
       Technote: Fix bibliography
       Sockeye: Generate hex addresses for Prolog
       Technote: Describe Prolog mapping
       Technote: clean up
       OMAP4460 spec: Fix address mapping for CKGEN_CM1
       OMAP4460 spec: Fix address mapping for L3_OCM_RAM in L3
       SKB: Refactor decodingNet modules
       Backport OMAP44xx spec changes from page-tables branch
       Technote: Add more syntax examples
       Technote: Compile Sockeye examples as part of build process
       Technote: Add TODOs for missing parts
       Sockeye: New AST for Frontend
       Sockeye: Complete new AST for Frontend
       Sockeye: Correct imports
       Sockeye: WIP: Parser for new syntax
       Sockeye: Parser for new syntax
       Sockeye: Better error messages for parser
       Sockeye: Correct file headers for ASTs
       Sockeye: Only one list for port mappings
       Sockeye: Introduce for loops
       Sockeye: Fix Identifier parsing
       Sockeye: Allow to define ports with inline range in identifier
       Sockeye: Allow do define port mappings with inline range in 
       Sockeye: Refactoring
       Sockeye: Allow to use inlined for in node decls
       Sockeye: Allow to instantiate modules with inlined range in name 
       Sockeye: fix typo
       Sockeye: Start implementation of checker
       Sockeye: Checker almost finished
       Sockeye: Finish checker for NodeSpec
       Sockeye: Checker now checks everything
       Sockeye: Cleanup checker
       Sockeye: Better error messages for checker
       Sockeye: Rename 'int' type to 'nat'
       Sockeye: Add stub for net builder
       Sockeye: Refactor ASTs
       Sockeye: Checker code improvements
       Sockeye: Add check for self instantiation
       Sockeye: Start implementation of net builder
       Sockeye: Start implementation of net builder
       Sockeye: Implement nodeSpec conversion
       Sockeye: Better naming for some AST types
       Sockeye: Implement checks in net builder
       Sockeye: Adapt prolog backend to new AST
       Sockeye: Start implementing port mappings
       Sockeye: Start implementing new simplification approach for net 
       Sockeye: Finish AST simplification
       Sockeye: Start implementing decoding net transformation
       Sockeye: Implement proper module instantiation check
       Sockeye: Implement port mappings
       Sockeye: Remove debug imports
       Sockeye: Represent NodeId as name + namespace list in Prolog
       Update omap44xx spec to new Sockeye syntax
       Sockeye: Implement import support
       Sockeye: Switch default mapping to 0x0 if no base address given
       Sockeye: Start implementing overley to map translation
       Sockeye: Finish implementation of overlay to map translation
       DecodingNet: Adapt resolution and queries to nodes without overlay
       Sockeye: Handle arbitrary large numbers
       Sockeye: clean up
       Adapt OMAP44xx spec to new sockeye
       Sockeye: Add possibility to add reserved blocks
       Sockeye: Fix import system
       Sockeye: Enable generation of dependency file
       Start modularizing omap44xx spec
       Sockeye: Enable generating make depend file during compilation
       Hake: Ddd dependency tracking for sockeye
       Merge branch 'sockeye-modules' into sockeye
       Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into sockeye
       Sockeye TN: adapt example to syntax changes
       Sockeye: TN remove limitations chapter, update hake chapter
       Sockeye TN: Add short introduction about decoding nets
       Sockeye: Improve import handling
       Sockeye TN: Update usage info
       Sockeye TN: More updates
       Sockeye TN: Add description of template indentifiers
       Sockeye TN: Complete syntax chapter
       Sockeye TN: Update hake section
       Sockeye TN: Fix some typos
       Sockeye TN: Start updating checks section
       Sockeye: Refactor arguments type check
       Sockeye: Start implementing port checks
       Sockeye: Implement module instantiator
       Sockeye: Start reimplementing net builder on top of instantiator
       Sockeye: Reimplement port translation
       Sockeye: Rename Checker to TypeChecker
       Sockeye: Clean up ASTs
       Sockeye: Collect errors in type checker instead of failing at 
first one
       Sockeye: Fix duplicate variable check for nested for loops
       Sockeye: Show global and root module fails first
       Sockeye: Consier input mappings and output ports in duplicate 
identifier check
       Sockeye: implement reference check inside node declarations
       Sockeye: Implement reference check for port mappings
       Sockeye: Implement reference check in input port declarations
       Sockeye: Implement check for undefined ports
       Sockeye: Change default dest base for mapping to 0 (again...)
       Sockeye: Fix empty top level namespace being compiled to empty 
atom in Prolog
       Sockeye: Code cleanup
       Sockeye TN: Update chapter on checks
       Sockeye: Generate decimal addresses
       Revert "Sockeye: Generate decimal addresses"
       Sockeye: Generate addresses with ISO hex prefix
       Kaluga: Fix bug with new driver model code
       Sockeye: Add node type for cores
       Sockeye: Use ECLiPSe struct notation in generated code
       SKB: Adapt decoding net scripts to use struct notation
       Sockeye TN: Update info about node types
       Sockeye TN: Update info about Prolog mapping
       Sockeye TN: Use examples from OMAP4460
       Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into sockeye
       Prolog code style fixes
       Sockeye TN: Adapt Prolog mapping to snake case
       Decoding net: Refactor
       Decoding net: Cleanup core module
       Sockeye TN: Use example environment for examples
       Decoding net: Fail on region resolution with non contiuous domain 
for address
       Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/upstream/master' into sockeye
       Merge branch 'sockeye' into master

Lukas Humbel (1):
       Removing unused declarations

Razvan Damachi (23):
       First outline of a process management service server.
       Refactor process manager to enable spawnd discovery.
       Create "ProcessManager" and "Domain" capabilities.
       Add spawn, spawn_with_caps and span calls to the Process Manager API.
       Implement kill_request_handler in spawnd, using domain caps.
       Implement kill() and exit() in the process manager.
       Implement "wait" in the process manager + fix bug in kill reply 
       Extract a through-monitor-only cap_identify call from 
       Have the spawn interface for the process manager require cap_procmng.
       Break the spawnd kill API into kill + cleanup.
       Add per-spawnd message queues to the process manager.
       Fix a bug where pending cleanup clients wouldn't be added on exit 
       Remove the mutex-based event queuing in the process manager.
       Add extra layer of queuing above the Flounder UMP one.
       Change proc_mgmt/pending_clients.h to use reply queues instead of 
       DIRTY benchmark commit
       Fix bug in libdomain/domain_cap_hash()
       Fix typo in if/proc_mgmt.if
       Preallocate an L2 cnode and fill it with domain caps in proc_mgmt.
       Change 'exit' from RPC to message in if/proc_mgmt.if.
       Clean up and document the process management code.
       Tidy up the process management test.
       Merge branch 'master' of 

Reto Achermann (3):
       fixing compilation for release mode
       remove unsave uses of __builtin_return_address()
       Revert "remove unsave uses of __builtin_return_address()"

Roni Häcki (78):
       devif: devif_debug test fixed
       libnet: dhcp header file removed unneeded include
       harness: fixing devif test
       solarflare: conversion of IP for filter no longer required
       harness: fixed devif test processing bug
       e10k: added missing dependency
       harness: devif test fix parsing destination IP on emmentaler2
       harness: devif test simplified getting IP
       devif: devif test disable debugging output
       libnet: added small library to get a hardware queue
       devif: prototype of UDP queue
       libnet: libnet now uses queue creation library
       libnet: queue creation small fix
       devif: refactored udp queue
       devif: adding test for udp queue
       harness: added udp test to devif tests
       devif: "null" backend which simply forwards everything
       devif: added benchmarking code to test overhead of stacking queues
       devif: upd backend bugfix in valid_length computation
       libnet: added possiblity to query own IP address
       devif: udp queue simplified creation
       harness: devif udp test adapted arguments to simplified creation
       devif: added uncommited files
       devif: debug fixed case when IDC backend us used
       devif: destroy no longer queue specific
       devif: IDC backend changed destroy
       devif: networking backends to destroy called from queue interface
       devif: changed rest of the queues to library destroy
       devif: solarflare backend deallocated some memory twice
       devif: fixed some printfs that seem to cause compilation errors 
with automated tests
       harness: vmkit test added net_socket module
       libnet: added functionality to request ARP lookup sent from default q
       devif: added dst MAC lookup to UDP queue init
       harness: devif test gethostip sometimes fails, fallback added.
       kaluga: waiting for all spawnds to be up before starting drivers/apps
       libnet: ARP resending more robust with periodic events
       libnet: HW filter disable/enable on queue creation
       libet: HW filter flag fixed
       libnet: also show cardname when dhcp is done
       webserver: check error when initalizing net_sockets client
       devif: solarflare reading out all error codes from RX events
       devif: library fixed compilation with debugging flags enabled
       libnet: bugfix when using interrupts
       libnet: avoid failing setting up filter with e1000 like cardnames
       e10k/solarflare: no longer start network stack for default queue
       net_sockets: client library checks all available net_socket services
       net_sockets: change service so it can be used for all the NICS.
       kaluga: starting net_socket server for each of the cards.
       harness: added nfscat tests that use e10k and solarflare NICs
       harness: devif test only spawn required net_socket server
       octopus: skb queries increased buffer size
       libnet: fixed debugging mode
       harness: webserver tests added test using e10k/solarflare
       devif: solarflare backend IP_FRAG error should not be treated as 
an     error ...
       nfs: reduced time until retransmit
       e10k: added missing dependency
       harness: xeon phi test did not contain proc_mgmt module
       schedsim: fixed building of test
       proc_mgmt: make sure that exit message is sent before things are 
  cleaned up
       proc_mgmt: adding tests
       proc_mgmt: Hake file simplified
       proc_mgmt: bugfix for domains spawned from startd
       harness: small additions to proc_mgmt test
       examples: spawntest changed to spawn using proc_mgmt
       startd: fixed dependency issue
       proc_mgmt: fixed several dependency issues
       libbarrelfish: started merging proc_mgmt_client and spawn_client
       proc_mgmt: merged proc management client with spawnd client
       proc_mgmt: implementation spawn_wait() with nohang flag
       proc_mgmt: getting domain list implemented
       proc_mgmt: get status query implemented
       collections: added comment to hash table traversal reset
       proc_mgmt: xeon phi translation did to cap implemented
       xeonphi: adapted to new spawn calls
       xeonphi: wait for spawnd 0 to be up before trying to spawn on core 0
       usb manager: converted spawn_program call to new cap based interface
       harness: devif test load only e10k driver on babybel2
       Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/proc_mgmt_unify'

Simon Gerber (26):
       harness: memtest: properly fail memtest_multicore when no memtest 
       Fix various memory leaks and uninitialized variable uses as 
reported by cppcheck
       hake: armv7_gem5_vexpressemm: Fix armv7 gem5 menu.lst to supply a 
device db to kaluga
       stdio: add __printflike() to ANSI C functions
       T381: x86_64: properly handle racy page table allocations in pmap 
       libbarrelfish: pinned: refill slabs in 64 page chunks instead of 
page by page
       libbarrelfish: pinned: reserve 128MB for pinned slabs, up from 4MB
       monitor: capops: ownership xfer, delete, retype, revoke: delete 
temp capabilities when operations done
       monitor: capops: copy: properly zero copy state structs on allocation
       monitor: capops: copy: add DEBUG_CAPOPS and clearer messages in 
forwarding path
       monitor: capops: move: reformat some function definitions
       Use min/max macros from bitmacros.h instead of including sys/param.h
       libmdb: wrap function that is only used with assertions enabled 
in #ifndef NDEBUG
       omap44xx: sdma: remove redundant redefinitions of MIN()
       x86_64: kernel: do *not* include machine/param.h
       hake: x86_64: re-enable -Werror for cpu driver
       vmkitmon/arrakismon: do not include sys/param.h
       libskb: include sys/types.h (instead of sys/param.h) to get 
u_char and co.
       kernel: caps_mark_revoke: fix marking of cap copies for revoke
       harness: fix release build to ignore unused variables
       harness: machines: define custom buildall targets for armv7/armv8 
       kernel: capabilities: wrap check_caps_create_arguments() in 
#ifndef NDEBUG because it is only called from assert()
       kernel: caps_mark_revoke: fix assertions after marking copies
       kernel: capabilities: treat full object retypes with identical 
source and dest types as copy
       Merge Razvan's process management code.
       armv7,armv8: Add process manager to targets and menu.lsts

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