[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish Release

Roni Häcki roni.haecki at inf.ethz.ch
Fri Feb 23 11:27:40 CET 2018

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. Along
with various bug fixes, this release includes improved MSI-X support,
Documentation for the device queue interface, and a device queue backend for
the Mellanox ConnectX-3 NIC.

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling from our
git repository [1].

-- Roni

[1] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish

Adam Turowski (3):
       mlx4: adding the enqueuing functions
       mlx4: a working driver
       skb: changing a driver for a Mellanox card

Daniel Schwyn (1):
       Sockeye: Move overlay translation to backend

Lukas Humbel (27):
       IRQ: Start with implementation of MSIx controller.
       IRQ: Add msix controller name to int model arg
       IRQ: Instantiate MSIx controller and tell driver
       IRQ: Added irq_idx to route call
       IRQ: Try to parse MSIX mem_write terms from skb
       IRQ: Fixup rebase errors
       IRQ: Fixup skb output parsing
       IRQ: Parse skb output (again)
       IRQ: Separate e1ks by msix capability
       Fix ACPI debug statements
       IRQ: Make ioapic controller understand new format
       IRQ: Better interrupt model selection logic
       IRQ: Getting the 82574 to trigger MSIxs...
       IRQ: Successfully convince e1000 to trigger MSIx interrupts
       IRQ: Restore legacy interrupt test
       Merge branch 'irq'
       IRQ: Split into MSIx and Legacy test.
       Add OMAP44xx interrupt model
       Sockeye: Remove distinction between address and natural
       Sockeye: Add properties
       Sockeye: add properties to skb definition
       Sockeye: add root namespace argument
       Sockeye: Add root namespace to int net
       Sockeye: enumerate node inputs, use it for interrupts
       kaluga: Make sure start_decnet doesnt break x86
       Kaluga: Make unified irq src caps work on armv7
       Kaluga: Fix rebase instantiate_driver_domain

Roni Häcki (19):
       devif: loopback fixed bug
       proc_mgmt: fixed race condition between proc_mgmt and spawnd on 
other     cores
       devif: added some code to benchmark backends
       devif: missing dependency added
       devif: added benchmark for stacking queues
       vfs: added missing dependency
       mlx4: fixed compilation in release mode
       devif: benchmark now dumps results to nfs
       devif: debug backend added some missing checks
       TN: first part of Device Queue technote
       devif: added flag to header
       TN: update to devif technote
       TN: devif documentation extended
       TN: Device queue added implementation details
       devif: prepared backend library to move backends
       devif: moved solaflare backend to driver
       Kaluga: adding code to start new style drivers on x86
       libnet: dhcp fixed bug in case of polling
       kaluga: also starts net_sockets_server correctly for mlx4

Simon Gerber (46):
       libvfs: nfs client: update write #define parameters to work with 
new network stack
       bfscope: Implement variant that dumps traces over NFS
       pleco: generate actually valid JSON
       libbarrelfish: distops: retry getting monitor RPC client if it is 
currently NULL
       trace: up TRACE_COREID_LIMIT to 10 and reduce TRACE_MAX_EVENTS to 
       libnfs: rpc: make retransmit spam RPC_DEBUGP
       tracing: make larger trace buffers possible
       tracing: trace_dump fix loop to not continue dumping when buffer 
is used up
       bfscope_nfs: increase local buffer to 128M, redump trace if 
necessary, and cleanup unused/unnecessary globals
       kernel: caps_delete: properly return RETRY_THROUGH_MONITOR when 
trying to delete already locked cap
       platforms/Hakefile: add section with programs from usr/examples
       trace,bfscope_nfs: don't rely on returned bytes to figure out 
whether more dumping necessary
       x86: add compiler memory barrier to rdtsc inline assembly
       examples: Updated README.txt to reflect changes to platforms/Hakefile
       kernel: caps_retype: check offset into source based on requested 
destination cap
       bfscope_nfs: properly signal dump_done when not dumping anything
       kernel,x86_64: print rsp,rbp when taking kernel fault
       monitor: comment out printfs in bfscope code
       fix harness reprocess and fix armv7 build
       bfscope: Explicitly add monitor flounder interface
       omap44xx,usb: add host of missing mackerel files to hakefile
       tools/arm_boot: make compile with usual set of compiler warnings 
+ -Werror
       kernel: caps_mark_revoke: correctly handle case where there are 
only descendants on a core
       kernel: caps_mark_revoke: we never have to go backwards when 
marking descendants
       monitor: capops: delete: do not use state after freeing it
       hake: Add opt-in list for libraries in addLibraries that need add 
extra include directories
       monitor,capops: guard root cnode copy deletions in retype to make 
sure we never try to delete the same capref twice
       capops: retype: if src and dest root cnode are identical only 
send one copy to monitor
       Add comment in move_request__rx_handler()
       kernel: paging_generic: fix create_mapping_cap() argument type to 
properly require lpaddr of pte
       kernel: paging_generic: remove declaration of non-existent function
       libc: properly propagate errno values for open,read,write,close,lseek
       T166: x86_64: implement vnode_modify_flags
       T166: fix vnode_modify_flags
       twolevel slot alloc: resize rootcn when one slot left instead of 
when out of slots
       kernel,x86_64: fix refactored modify_flags()
       hake: x86_64: remove verbose flag for linker
       libbarrelfish,ram_alloc_fixed: fix assertion about amount of 
basecn caps
       libvfs: vfs_fd: set errno to sensible value for more vfs_fd 
       libbarrelfish: refill root slot allocator when two slots are free 
(up from one)
       monitor: capops: initialize delete stepping in BSP monitor before 
going into event loop
       kernel: cap_delete: cleanup_last: do unmap when deleting last 
copy of mapping
       kernel: capabilities: mapping types: remove offset field and 
switch to ptable+entry
       libbarrelfish,arm: add missing cap invocation wrapper for 
       kernel,armv7: fix mapping code to use new mapping cap format
       kernel,armv8: fix mapping code to use new mapping cap format

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