[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish Release

Lukas Humbel lukas.humbel at inf.ethz.ch
Tue Jun 12 13:19:11 CEST 2018

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. Apart
from bug fixes, we have improved support for virtual machines on Intel CPUs.

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling from our
git repository [1].

-- Lukas

[1] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish


Changyeon Jo (1):
      vmkit: added i586 features to the emulated processor

Lukas Humbel (14):
      harness: Add new ETH rack machines
      irqtest: Fix test. Enable multi instance
      ACPI: Enable debug printer (with preprocessor switch)
      harness: Add boot machine test
      harness: make grubboot write no menu lst
      irqtest: Make sure its started only once
      vmkit: use old image file
      pci: make legacy clients find the interrupt cap
      ACPI: add option to ignore irq override and set it on feta
      ACPI: Add ioapic debugging switch
      irq: enable msi-x in conf header on route setup
      ARMv7: Fix sbrk
      sbrk: Dont use large pages on ARMv8
      harness: also detect start of hagfish

Reto Achermann (1):
      sbrk: fixing bug with the goffset calculation and using large pages

Roni Häcki (9):
      e10k: only check vtd in skb if flag is set
      pci: enable VFs only when command line argument numvfs is given
      e10k: devif backend make compile with debugging output
      e10k: revert to legacy descriptors for non VF case
      libnet: net_queue fail name argument is not formatted correctly
      harness: devif test upd fixed
      e10k: devif backend map some regions cachable
      harness: proc_mgmt test change cores used to depend on command
line input and not hard coded values
      devif: fixed device queue networking backend test

Simon Gerber (6):
      harness: Update ETH pandaboard rack machine definitions to work on
all emmentaler build hosts
      serial,pc16550: properly disable interrupts before polling on
      libposixcompat: remove syslog.c as the syslog facilitites of BSD
libc are built and included in libc.a
      libc/sys: provide unimplemented recvmsg
      examples: fix xmpl-msg rx_string declaration
      proc_mgmt: properly propagate spawnd errors to client

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