[Barrelfish-users] New Barrelfish Release

Turowski Adam S. adam.turowski at inf.ethz.ch
Tue May 8 16:56:59 CEST 2018

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Barrelfish OS. Along
with various bug fixes, this release includes a new PCI driver startup.

As always, you can get the latest version by cloning or pulling from our
git repository [1].

Best regards,
Adam Turowski

[1] git://git.barrelfish.org/git/barrelfish

Adam Turowski (8):
     pmap: naming unification
     aarch64: fixing memory allocation
     armv8: adding a missing debug syscall
     armv8: fixing some debug output
     harness: pass the kernel options to the armv8's cpu driver
     armv8: separating the fvp and qemu targets, adding QEMU/aarch64 to harness
     armv8: disable for now PMUSERENR_EL0 because QEMU version <2.6.0 doesn't support it
     armv8,psci: use hvc/smc according to the ACPI

Lukas Humbel (17):
     e1000 irqtest run in driverdomain, newstyle PCI startup
     Unify use of struct pci_address, refactor kaluga driver startup
     Removing multiple caps per bar
     Start of pci driver client library.
     e1000 irqtest run in driverdomain, newstyle PCI startup
     Unify use of struct pci_address, refactor kaluga driver startup
     Removing multiple caps per bar
     Start of pci driver client library.
     Merge branch 'master' into pci_next
     Getting the cap in pci_driver_client
     Pass IRQ caps to e1k devif backend, add PCI int ctrl
     Implement pci controller driver
     Correct irq delivery in int_route client
     Fix irqtest
     Fix annoying double pci_change events
     Fix kaluga compilation on armv7
     kaluga: Use multi instance flag when creating driver domains

Reto Achermann (1):
     coreboot: fixing bug that tries to access global defined symbol 'end'

Roni Häcki (49):
     SFN: solarflare driver with new driver framework
     kaluga: added missing dependency
     kaluga: removed driver domain hacks for e1000
     e1000: added driver domain application
     kaluga: fixed bug in copying driver arguments
     pci: pci driver client simplified interface
     e1000: adapted to new pci driver interface
     solarflare: adapt to new pci driver interface
     skb: added interrupt model to e1000
     kaluga: simplified networking startup
     libnet: net_queue return error if e1000 could not be initalized
     libnet: create queue use pci octet serialization functions
     pci: add call to init interrupts using a cap
     kaluga: start e1000 using new driver model
     hake: default menu.lst upated
     kaluga: driver startup hand over pci arguments in right manner
     devif: move e1000 backend to usr/driver/e1000/
     e1000: split driver into control and data plane parts
     solarflare: fixed bug with register cap
     e1000: fixed copying mac address on control message
     kaluga: change start function for e1000 and sfn5122f driver to new style
     e1000: fixed compilation error
     e1000: added function to check if a e1000 type supports MSIX
     e1000: setup of MSI-X depending on mac type
     e1000: setting up legacy/msi-x interrupts
     e1000: interrupt working with net_socket_server
     harness: adapted networking test
     kaluga: fix compilation xeon phi
     e1000: default use legacy interrupts except when unter test in qemu
     kaluga: default start function for mlx4 added again
     sfn5122f: enabling interrupts in the driver again
     kaluga: removed unneeded debug statement
     int_rout: disable debugging printfs
     kaluga: fixed oldstyle driver startup
     kaluga: compile for armv8
     pci: fixed SR-IOV
     e10k: fixed wrong mackarel register declaration
     e10k: devif backend working advanced descriptors
     PCI: enabling lookup of virtual functions for e10k.
     e10k: enabling virtual functions in driver and device queue backend
     net: make old networking code compile
     kaluga: fixed assertion that sometimes fails
     libnet: parsing device, function, and bus from kalugas argumentsfor e10k
     harness: adding missing module to tftp test
     net_sockets: ensure struct is zeroed
     e1000: driver can detect I219
     skb: changed e1000 core hint to core 1
     e1000: added check if queue is full
     Merge branch 'pci_next'

Simon Gerber (2):
     harness: fix confusion about whether no kernel/boot driver args is None or an empty list
     harness: proc_mgmt_test: improve core selection for test runner

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