[Barrelfish-users] Question about running ump_bench

李康宇 lkybuaa at 163.com
Tue Apr 30 10:38:58 CEST 2019

Dear all,
I'm trying to run /usr/bench/ump_bench on zynqmp ZCU104 in order to figure out the time taken by ump communication. However,I found that the time results will change as the number of experiments changes.
Take /usr/bench/ump_bench/latency as an example,when I change the constant "MAX_COUNT" to 4000,the time results distribute around 800(cycles),and when I set "MAX_COUNT" to 6000,the time results distribute around 500.I also found the point of change is at 4096,in other words,there are two results when "MAX_COUNT" is greater than or less than 4096.I noticed that the program would first apply for memory space of sizeof(struct timestamps) * MAX_COUNT. I want to know if this affects the results of the experiment, because when I use only one timestamp instead of a timestamp array, the experimental results are consistent.If so,I also want to know why and how this could affect the time results.

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